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Moderate walnut consumption improved lipid profile, steroid hormones and inflammation in trained elderly men: a pilot study with a randomized controlled trial  Authors:Kamoun, A., Hammouda, O., Turki, M., Maaloul, R., Chtourou, M., Bouaziz, M., ... & Ayadi, F.  (2021)

Mediterranean diet enriched in extra-virgin olive oil or nuts modulates circulating exosomal non-coding RNAs.   Authors:Mantilla-Escalante, D. C., de Las Hazas, M. C. L., Crespo, M. C., Martín-Hernández, R., Tomé-Carneiro, J., del Pozo-Acebo, L., ... & Dávalos, A.  (2021)

A Comprehensive Review of Almond Clinical Trials on Weight Measures, Metabolic Health Biomarkers and Outcomes, and the Gut Microbiota.   Authors:Dreher ML.  (2021)

Dried Plum Consumption Improves Total Cholesterol and Antioxidant Capacity and Reduces Inflammation in Healthy Postmenopausal Women.  Authors:Hong, M. Y., Kern, M., Nakamichi-Lee, M., Abbaspour, N., Ahouraei Far, A., & Hooshmand, S.  (2021)

Antioxidant activity and some quality characteristics of buffalo yoghurt fortified with peanut skin extract powder.   Authors:Hamed, A. M., Taha, S. H., Darwish, A. A., & Aly, E.  (2021)

Composition and Physicochemical Characterization of Walnut Flour, a By-product of Oil Extraction.   Authors:Burbano, J. J., & Correa, M. J.  (2021)

An Evaluation of the Impact of the Amount of Potassium Hydroxide on the Porous Structure Development of Activated Carbons.   Authors:Kwiatkowski, M., Broniek, E., Fierro, V., & Celzard, A.  (2021)

Adsorption of U (VI) from aqueous solution by using KMnO 4-modified hazelnut shell activated carbon: characterisation and artificial neural network modelling.  Authors:Zhu, M., Li, F., Chen, W., Yin, X., Yi, Z., & Zhang, S.  (2021)

Feeding high amounts of almond hulls to lactating cows.   Authors:Swanson, K. L., Bill, H. M., Asmus, J., Heguy, J. M., & DePeters, E. J.  (2021)

Acid hydrolysis of almond shells in a biphasic reaction system: obtaining of purified hemicellulosic monosaccharides in a single step.  Authors:Dávila, I., Diaz, E., & Labidi, J.  (2021)

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