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Effects of supplementing a healthy diet with pecan nuts or extra-virgin olive oil on inflammatory profile of patients with stable coronary artery disease: a randomized clinical trial  Authors:Weschenfelder, C., Gottschall, C. B. A., Markoski, M. M., Portal, V. L., de Quadros, A. S., Bersch-Ferreira, Â. C., & Marcadenti, A.  (2021)

Acute consumption of a shake containing cashew and Brazil nuts did not affect appetite in overweight subjects: a randomized, cross-over study  Authors:de Campos Costa, M. A., Hermsdorff, H. H. M., Caldas, A. P. S., Rocha, D. M. U. P., da Silva, A., de Oliveira, L. L., & Bressan, J.  (2021)

Ameliorating effects of metabolic syndrome with the consumption of rich-bioactive compounds fruits from Brazilian Cerrado: a narrative review  Authors:Santos, D. C. D., Oliveira Filho, J. G. D., Sousa, T. L. D., Ribeiro, C. B., & Egea, M. B.  (2021)

Almond consumption decreases android fat mass percentage in adults with high android subcutaneous adiposity but does not change HbA1c in a randomized controlled trial  Authors:Hunter, S. R., Considine, R. V., & Mattes, R. D.  (2021)

Clinical phenotypes of childhood food allergies based on immune mechanisms: A multicenter study  Authors:Bingol, A., Uygun, D. F. K., Akdemir, M., Erengin, H., Buyuktiryaki, B., Sackesen, C., ... & Altintas, D. U.  (2021)

Oral anaphylaxis to peanut in a mouse model is associated with gut permeability but not with Tlr4 or Dock8 mutations.   Authors:Gertie, J. A., Zhang, B., Liu, E. G., Hoyt, L. R., Yin, X., Xu, L., ... & Eisenbarth, S. C.  (2021)

Accurate and reproducible diagnosis of peanut allergy using epitope mapping  Authors:Suárez‐Fariñas, M., Suprun, M., Kearney, P., Getts, R., Grishina, G., Hayward, C., ... & Sampson, H. A.  (2021)

A positive feedback loop reinforces the allergic immune response in human peanut allergy.   Authors:Zhou, X., Yu, W., Lyu, S. C., Macaubas, C., Bunning, B., He, Z., ... & Nadeau, K. C.  (2021)

Increased Rates of Peanut and Tree Nut Aspiration as a Possible Consequence of Allergy Prevention by Early Introduction  Authors:Leung, J., Ainsworth, J., Peters, R., Mehr, S., Smart, J., & Rose, E. (  (2021)

Legume Consumption and Gut Microbiome in Elderly Chinese Men and Women.  Authors:Wang, C., Yang, Y., Xu, W., Yu, D., Wu, J., Cai, Q., Long, J., Zheng, W., Shu X.  (2021)

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