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The association between insulin resistance and the consumption of nut including peanut, pine nut and almonds in working-aged Korean population.   Authors:Park, S. K., Oh, C. M., & Jung, J. Y.  (2021)

The role of a Mediterranean diet and physical activity in decreasing age-related inflammation through modulation of the gut microbiota composition.   Authors:Clark, J. S., Simpson, B. S., & Murphy, K. J.  (2021)

Pro-vegetarian food patterns and cardiometabolic risk in the PREDIMED-Plus study: a cross-sectional baseline analysis.   Authors:Oncina-Cánovas, A., Vioque, J., González-Palacios, S., Martínez-González, M. Á., Salas-Salvadó, J., Corella, D., ... & García-de-la-Hera, M.  (2021)

Intake of Nuts and Seeds Is Associated with a Lower Prevalence of Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease in US Adults: Findings from 2005–2018 NHANES.   Authors:Cardoso, B. R., Tan, S. Y., Daly, R. M., Via, J. D., Georgousopoulou, E. N., & George, E. S.  (2021)

Are fatty nuts a weighty concern? A systematic review and meta‐analysis and dose–response meta‐regression of prospective cohorts and randomized controlled trials.   Authors:Nishi, S. K., Viguiliouk, E., Blanco Mejia, S., Kendall, C. W., Bazinet, R. P., Hanley, A. J., ... & Sievenpiper, J. L.  (2021)

Twist and lock: nutshell structures for high strength and energy absorption.   Authors:Xiao, N., Felhofer, M., Antreich, S. J., Huss, J. C., Mayer, K., Singh, A., ... & Gierlinger, N  (2021)

Pistachio Hull Extract as a Practical Strategy to Extend the Shelf Life of Raw Minced Beef: Chemometrics in Quality Evaluation.  Authors:Elhadef, K., Ennouri, K., Fourati, M., Ben Hlima, H., Akermi, S., Mellouli, L., & Smaoui, S.  (2021)

Almond (Prunus dulcis cv. Casteltermini) Skin Confectionery By-Products: New Opportunity for the Development of a Functional Blackberry (Rubus ulmifolius Schott) Jam.   Authors:Loizzo, M. R., Tundis, R., Leporini, M., D’Urso, G., Gagliano Candela, R., Falco, T., ... & Sottile, F.  (2021)

Almond By-Products: Valorization for Sustainability and Competitiveness of the Industry.   Authors:Barral-Martinez, M., Fraga-Corral, M., Garcia-Perez, P., Simal-Gandara, J., & Prieto, M. A.  (2021)

Revalorization of Almond By-Products for the Design of Novel Functional Foods: An Updated Review.   Authors:Garcia-Perez, P., Xiao, J., Munekata, P. E., Lorenzo, J. M., Barba, F. J., Rajoka, M. S. R., ... & Simal-Gandara, J.  (2021)

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