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Clinical predictors and outcomes of oral food challenges illustrate differences among individual tree nuts.   Authors:Hsu, C., Yong, M., Pozin, J., Makhija, M., & Singh, A. M.  (2021)

Latest Developments in the Management of Nut Allergies.   Authors:Brough, H. A., Gourgey, R., Radulovic, S., Caubet, J. C., Lack, G., & Anagnostou, A.  (2021)

Therapeutic Potential of Date Palm against Human Infertility: A Review.   Authors:Shehzad, M., Rasheed, H., Naqvi, S. A., Al-Khayri, J. M., Lorenzo, J. M., Alaghbari, M. A., ... & Aadil, R. M.  (2021)

Associations of total nut and peanut intakes with all-cause and cause-specific mortality in a Japanese community: the Takayama study.   Authors:Yamakawa, M., Wada, K., Koda, S., Uji, T., Nakashima, Y., Onuma, S., ... & Nagata, C.  (2021)

Perspective: Plant-Based Eating Pattern for Type 2 Diabetes Prevention and Treatment: Efficacy, Mechanisms, and Practical Considerations.  Authors:Jardine, M. A., Kahleova, H., Levin, S. M., Ali, Z., Trapp, C. B., & Barnard, N. D.  (2021)

Perspective: Plant-based Whole-Grain Foods for Chronic Kidney Disease: The Phytate-Phosphorus Conundrum.   Authors:Calvo, M. S., & Uribarri, J.  (2021)

Dried plum consumption improves bone mineral density in osteopenic postmenopausal woman: A case report.   Authors:Strock, N. C., Koltun, K. J., Weaver, C., & De Souza, M. J.  (2021)

Walnut intake, cognitive outcomes and risk factors: a systematic review and meta-analysis.   Authors:Cahoon, D., Shertukde, S. P., Avendano, E. E., Tanprasertsuk, J., Scott, T. M., Johnson, E. J., ... & Nirmala, N.  (2021)

In vitro gastrointestinal digestion and simulated colonic fermentation of pistachio nuts determine the bioaccessibility and biosynthesis of chronobiotics.   Authors:Dufoo-Hurtado, E., Olvera-Bautista, R., Wall-Medrano, A., Loarca-Piña, G., & Campos-Vega, R.  (2021)

Walnuts, Long-Chain Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids, and Adolescent Brain Development: Protocol for the Walnuts Smart Snack Dietary Intervention Trial.  Authors:Julvez, J., Gignac, F., Fernández-Barrés, S., Romaguera, D., Sala-Vila, A., Ranzani, O. T., ... & Sunyer, J.  (2021)

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