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Therapeutic Potential of Date Palm against Human Infertility: A Review.

Authors: Shehzad, M., Rasheed, H., Naqvi, S. A., Al-Khayri, J. M., Lorenzo, J. M., Alaghbari, M. A., ... & Aadil, R. M. Journal: Metabolites Year: 2021 Pages: 408 Volume: 11(6)
Fruits: Dates
Subject: Fertility

Male and female infertility is a global major health problem. Approximately 15% of couples of a reproductive age are unable to achieve the desired pregnancy within 12 months, despite daily unprotected sexual intercourse, and about 10% of infertilities have no specific reason worldwide. Currently, many researchers are interested to investigate the use of natural remedies for preventive and curative purposes of infertility. This review brings together some of the data on the nutritional characteristics of the date palm and its different parts on fertility outcomes and critically evaluates the past and recent literature relevant to the consumption of date fruit against infertility-related problems. Due to its antioxidant potential, dates are considered a functional treatment for reducing the risks of infertility. In males, the date palm has a potent effect on the reproductive parameters including hormonal levels and seminal vesicle parameters as well as sperm motility, count, and viability; whereas, in females, it shows a convincing effect on reproductive parameters including oogenesis process, strengthening of oocytes, regulation of hormones, strengthening of pregnancy, reduction of the need for labor augmentation, and postpartum hemorrhage prevention.

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