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Microfluidic origami nano-aptasensor for peanut allergen ara h1 detection.

Authors: Jiang, H., Guo, Q., Zhang, C., Sun, Z., & Weng, X. Journal: Food Chem Year: 2021 Pages: 130511 Volume: 365
Fruits: Peanuts
Subject: Allergy · Food Technology

In this study, an origami microfluidic electrochemical nano-aptasensor was developed for the rapid detection of the peanut allergen Ara h1. Specifically, the microfluidic aptasensor was fabricated through sequential folding of a piece of chromatography paper substrate patterned with microchannel and screen-printed electrodes. Aptamer-decorated black phosphorus nanosheets (BPNSs) were electrodeposited onto the paper-based electrode surface as sensing probes for enhanced electrochemical detection and high specificity and selectivity. Critical design parameters (the concentration of probe, time for self-assembly of aptamer and reaction time) were investigated to optimize the aptasensor performance. The prepared aptasensor was able to complete detection within 20 min and demonstrated a linear range from 50 ~ 1000 ng/mL with a detection limit of 21.6 ng/mL. The aptasensor was successfully used to detect the Ara h1 spiked cookie dough sample. The proposed method reduces the gap between complex lab testing and food allergen analysis at the point of need.

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