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Biodegradable film for raisins packaging application: evaluation of physico-chemical characteristics and antioxidant potential.

Authors: Miglioranza, B. M. G., Spinelli, F. R., Stoffel, F., & Piemolini-Barreto, L. T. Journal: Food Chem Year: 2021 Pages: 130538
Fruits: Raisins · Dried grapes
Subject: Antioxidant activity · Food Technology · Sensory quality · Storage

The objective of this study was to evaluate the application of a biodegradable film, based on grape seed flour extract, for raisin packaging. Physico-chemical characteristics (moisture, total soluble solids, total acidity, pH), total phenolic content and antioxidant activity were evaluated during 182 days of storage at 20 °C, compared to a poly(ethylene) film packaging. After 182 days, the use of biodegradable film increased raisin moisture and pH, decreased total soluble solids and total acidity of raisin compared to the use of poly(ethylene) film. The total phenolic content and antioxidant activity of raisin packed in the biodegradable film were 60.0 and 51.8% higher, respectively, than in poly(ethylene) film. The results showed that the biodegradable film based on seed flour extract is a potential material for active packaging due its contribution to the maintenance of the antioxidant activity of raisin and can be used for their conservation.

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