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Pistachio shells as remediating agents for uranium in contaminated industrial seawater.   Authors:Younes, A., Ali, J. S., Nur, M. T., Duda, A., Wang, J., Samson, J., ... & Drain, C. M.  (2020)

Effect of walnut shell biochars on soil quality, crop yields, and weed dynamics in a 4-year field experiment.   Authors:Khorram, M. S., Zhang, G., Fatemi, A., Kiefer, R., Mahmood, A., Jafarnia, S., ... & Li, G.  (2020)

Tannin fraction of pistachio green hull extract with pancreatic lipase inhibitory and antioxidant activity.  Authors:Noorolahi, Z., Sahari, M. A., Barzegar, M., & Gavlighi, H. A.  (2020)

Bioactive Peptides from Walnut Residue Protein.   Authors:Li, X., Guo, M., Chi, J., & Ma, J.  (2020)

Optimization of subcritical water hydrolysis of pecan wastes biomasses in a semi-continuous mode.   Authors:dos Santos, M. S., Zabot, G. L., Mazutti, M. A., Ugalde, G. A., & Tres, M. V.  (2020)

Lignins from Agroindustrial by-Products as Natural Ingredients for Cosmetics: Chemical Structure and In Vitro Sunscreen and Cytotoxic Activities.   Authors:Gordobil, O., Olaizola, P., Banales, J. M., & Labidi, J.  (2020)

Design and Development of Spray-Dried Microsystems to Improve Technological and Functional Properties of Bioactive Compounds from Hazelnut Shells.   Authors:Esposito, T., Mencherini, T., Del Gaudio, P., Auriemma, G., Franceschelli, S., Picerno, P., ... & Sansone, F.  (2020)

Removal of methylene blue dye from aqueous solutions by adsorption on levulinic acid-modified natural shells.   Authors:Kocaman, S.  (2020)

Spatio-temporal Spread of Abnormal Vertical Growth of Macadamia in Australia Informs Epidemiology.  Authors:Zakeel M. C. M., Geering A., Akinsanmi O. A.  (2020)

Effect of Drying Temperature and Exposure Times on Aspergillus Flavus Growth and Aflatoxin Production on Artificially Inoculated Hazelnuts.   Authors:Valente S., Meloni G.R., Prencipe S., Spigolon N., Somenzi M., Fontana M., Gullino M.L., Spadaro D.  (2020)

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