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A Practical, Stepwise Approach to Peanut Oral Immunotherapy in Clinical Practice: Benefits and Risks  Authors:Anagnostou A.  (2021)

Treatment of Peanut Allergy  Authors:Burris, A., & Bingemann, T.  (2021)

Multi-dimensional study of the oral microbiome, metabolite, and immunologic environment in peanut allergy  Authors:Ho, H. E., Chun, Y., Jeong, S., Jumreornvong, O., Sicherer, S. H., & Bunyavanich, S.  (2021)

Emerging developments in the forefront of peanut oral immunotherapy  Authors:Pepper, A. N., Sriaroon, P., & Casale, T. B.  (2021)

Parental Intentions Regarding Introduction of Common Food Allergens During Complimentary Feeding  Authors:Breathnach, A., Geoghegan, R., & Moylett, E.  (2021)

Resveratrol promotes liver regeneration in drug-induced liver disease in mice   Authors:de Moraes, A., de Andrade, C., Ramos, I., Dias, M. L., Batista, C., Pimentel, C. F., de Carvalho, J. J., & Goldenberg, R.  (2021)

Phenolic profiles and antioxidant activities of free, esterified and bound phenolic compounds in walnut kernel  Authors:Wu, S., Shen, D., Wang, R., Li, Q., Mo, R., Zheng, Y., Zhou, Y., & Liu, Y.  (2021)

High dose versus low dose standardized cranberry proanthocyanidin extract for the prevention of recurrent urinary tract infection in healthy women: a double-blind randomized controlled trial   Authors:Babar, A., Moore, L., Leblanc, V., Dudonné, S., Desjardins, Y., Lemieux, S., Bochard, V., Guyonnet, D., & Dodin, S.  (2021)

Effects of cashew nut consumption on body composition and glycemic indices: A meta-analysis and systematic review of randomized controlled trials  Authors:Jamshidi, S., Moradi, Y., Nameni, G., Mohsenpour, M. A., & Vafa, M.  (2021)

Blood pressure and sugar regulating potentials of Anarcadium occidentale nut globulin and albumin hydrolysates   Authors:Arise, R. O., Taofeek, O. O., Babaita, K., Adeoye, R. I., & Osemwegie, O.  (2021)

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