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Combining allergen components improves the accuracy of peanut allergy diagnosis.  Authors:Hemmings, O., Niazi, U., Kwok, M., Radulovic, S., Du Toit, G., Lack, G., & Santos, A. F.  (2021)

Irradiation technology: An Effective and Promising Strategy for Eliminating Food Allergens.   Authors:Pan, M., Yang, J., Liu, K., Xie, X., Hong, L., Wang, S., & Wang, S.  (2021)

Identification of vicilin, legumin and antimicrobial peptide 2a as macadamia nut allergens.   Authors:Kabasser, S., Pratap, K., Kamath, S., Taki, A. C., Dang, T., Koplin, J., ... & Bublin, M.  (2021)

Epigenetic programming underpins B‐cell dysfunction in peanut and multi‐food allergy.   Authors:Imran, S., Neeland, M. R., Koplin, J., Dharmage, S., Tang, M. L., Sawyer, S., ... & Saffery, R.  (2021)

Preparation and in vitro bioactive evaluation of cashew-nut proteins hydrolysate as a potential source of anti-allergy peptides.   Authors:Chen, D., Shu, Y., Chen, J., & Cao, X.  (2021)

Acute consumption of a shake containing cashew and Brazil nuts did not affect appetite in overweight subjects: a randomized, cross-over study.   Authors:de Campos Costa, M. A., Hermsdorff, H. H. M., Caldas, A. P. S., Rocha, D. M. U. P., da Silva, A., de Oliveira, L. L., & Bressan, J.  (2021)

Sleep and Diet: Mounting Evidence of a Cyclical Relationship.   Authors:Zuraikat, F. M., Wood, R. A., Barragán, R., & St-Onge, M. P.  (2021)

Does a MediDiet with additional extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) and pistachios reduce the incidence of gestational diabetes?  Authors:Zhang, P., Zheng, Q., Deka, A., Choudhury, R., & Rastogi, S.  (2021)

Effects of a Brazilian cardioprotective diet and nuts on cardiometabolic parameters after myocardial infarction: study protocol for a randomized controlled clinical trial.  Authors:Marcadenti, A., Weber, B., Bersch-Ferreira, A. C., Machado, R. H. V., Torreglosa, C. R., de Sousa Lara, E. M., ... & Cavalcanti, A. B.  (2021)

Fruits and their impact on the gut microbiota, gut motility and constipation.   Authors:Katsirma, Z., Eirini, E., Rodriguez-Mateos, A., & Whelan, K.  (2021)

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