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Development of an antioxidant formula based on peanut by‐products and effects on sensory properties and aroma stability of fortified peanut snacks during storage.   Authors:Albergamo, A., Salvo, A., Carabetta, S., Arrigo, S., Di Sanzo, R., Costa, R., ... & Russo, M.  (2020)

Influence of biomass components, temperature and pressure on the pyrolysis behavior and biochar properties of pine nut shells.   Authors:Qin, L., Wu, Y., Hou, Z., & Jiang, E.  (2020)

Synthesis of novel chemicals from cardanol as a product of cashew nutshell processing.   Authors:Deutsch, J., & Köckritz, A.  (2020)

Novel Antioxidant Packaging Films Based on Poly (ε-Caprolactone) and Almond Skin Extract: Development and Effect on the Oxidative Stability of Fried Almonds.   Authors:Valdés García, A., Juárez Serrano, N., Beltrán Sanahuja, A., & Garrigós, M. C.  (2020)

Multiproduct biorefinery based on almond shells: impact of the delignification stage on the manufacture of valuable products.   Authors:Morales, A., Hernández-Ramos, F., Sillero, L., Fernández-Marín, R., Dávila, I., Gullón, P., ... & Labidi, J.  (2020)

Anaerobic digestion of waste Tunisian date (Phoenix dactylifera L.): effect of biochemical composition of pulp and seeds from six varieties.  Authors:Souli, I., Liu, X., Lendormi, T., Chaira, N., Ferchichi, A., & Lanoisellé, J. L.  (2020)

Iminodiacetic acid functionalized magnetic peanut husk for the removal of methylene blue from solution: characterization and equilibrium studies.   Authors:Aryee, A. A., Mpatani, F. M., Kani, A. N., Dovi, E., Han, R., Li, Z., & Qu, L.  (2020)

Palladium nanoparticles dispersed on functionalized macadamia nutshell biomass for formic acid-mediated removal of chromium (VI) from aqueous solution.  Authors:Moyo, M., Modise, S. J., & Pakade, V. E.  (2020)

Biological properties of almond proteins produced by aqueous and enzyme-assisted aqueous extraction processes from almond cake.  Authors:de Souza, T. S., Dias, F. F., Oliveira, J. P. S., de Moura Bell, J. M., & Koblitz, M. G. B.  (2020)

Pb (II) adsorption from aqueous solution by nutshells, green adsorbent: Adsorption studies, regeneration studies, scale-up design, its effect on biological indicator and MLR modeling.  Authors:Das, A., Bar, N., & Das, S. K.  (2020)

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