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The Nutfruit magazine features industry leaders, government officials and guest food experts and researchers who provide a global network of information about statistics, new crop information, food safety, trade issues, government regulations, new promotional ideas, scientific findings and many other topics.

The Nutfruit magazine is addressed to the public and consumers in general, competent government and authorities in matters of agriculture, science, consumption and health. The Nutfruit magazine is also intended for professional nutrition experts and nut and dried fruit producing, distributing and marketing companies.

Advertising in the Nutfruit magazine keeps your company visible to industry leaders internationally. It is published three times a year: March, July and November, with a circulation of more than 6,500 copies, including an online version. The magazine is fully accessible online. INC members receive a print issue. Non-members have the possibility to receive them with an annual fee of 170 € due in January.


Leveraging Ancient Indian Medicinal Wisdom: A Case of Almonds

21 November, 2017
Feature Articles
India, China, Greece and several other cultures saw traditional medicinal systems emerge, grow and prosper in ancient times. Many such systems continue to be practiced to this day and are used in conjunction with modern medicine and science. The ancient Indian medicinal wisdom of the Ayurveda, Siddha, and Unani systems is one that falls comfortably into that category. In fact, Ayurveda is not only an integral part of Indian culture, but is fast becoming a worldwide trend.
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