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26 July, 2021 Country Product Spotlight

New Product Launches: Prunes

New Product Launches: Prunes

This section examines new products using prunes that have been recently released.

Prunes are a delicious dried fruit that comes with a wide range of health benefits. However, they are also quite versatile and there is no shortage of ways to consume them. Companies around the world sell and market these tasty fruits as good for you snack options, juices, purées, and even prune powder. Although the product opportunities don’t end there. Furthermore, consumers use prunes in healthy baking, confectionery, and as well as in savory dishes. The ability to combine prunes with many different foods provides consumers with a wide array of options.

Through more research and development, we can expect there to be new prune products popping up all over the globe, especially as more of the health benefits are recognized. Below are some products that have been launch from various regions of the world.

Oaks Heart’s Dried Pickles – California Prunes (Japan): This tasty treat from Japan consists of California Prunes pickled in a special sugarcane vinegar in order to stimulate one’s appetite. Because of this, it is a great snack that can be consumed as an appetizer.

Sunsweet’s Amaz!n™ Prune Light (USA): This prune juice from Sunsweet gives consumers a new lighter option when shopping for prune juices. It has 100 calories and comes with 40% less sugar. Although it is “light” it still packs 3g of fiber and 5 essential vitamins and minerals.

Peasy Life’s Peasy Pods (United Kingdom)
: Made for babies, this organic purée is frozen into cubes which can easily be heated up, mixed, and enjoyed. Flavors include blueberry, apple, and prune, and banana, oats, coconut, and prune. Peasy Pods markets them as ideal for babies over 6 months.

Prescribed for Life’s Prune 4:1 Powder Extract (USA): Prune 4:1 Powder is a nutritional supplement that is sold by the US company, Prescribed for Life. With the natural health benefits of prunes, they market this supplement as bone and muscle support.

Maître Prunille’s Ballotin Dark Chocolate Coated Prunes (France): Maître Prunille’s chocolate-covered prunes are a confectionery item that can be consumed as a snack or given as a gift. The Agen prunes are covered with 70% cocoa dark chocolate, which enhances the fruity flavor of the prunes.

Tiny Spoons’ Organic Plums and Prunes Purée (India): Made with organic fruits, handpicked with love, from the farms of Europe. Gently cooked and packaged to preserve the nutrients without any additives. Bringing only the goodness of delicious fruits all the way to India, perfect for tiny tummies.
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