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26 November, 2021 Country Product Spotlight

New Product Launches: Cashews

New Product Launches: Cashews

This section examines new products using cashews that have been recently released.

Cashews are quite a versatile product as there are many ways that it can be consumed, and it is greatly appreciated in many parts of the globe. With its creamy texture, it can be enjoyed alone as a snack, or it can be added to sweet dishes, just as well as to savory ones. It can also serve as an alternative to many dairy products making it perfect for a vegan or plant-based diet. As more focus is put on switching to a plant-based diet, companies will without a doubt look to the cashew as a product with many innovative opportunities.

Even more so, the health benefits of cashews make it a desirable product for those looking to consume more plant-based foods. Below are some products that have been launched from various regions of the world.
PUREHEART Nutpaste Natural Cashews (India): Made with 99% natural cashew, and coming in an easy-to-use squeeze pack, this cashew paste enables chef-style dishes to be made in the comfort of home. A great vegan alternative for curries and other Indian cuisines.

Blue Frog Cashew, Almond and Maple (New Zealand): Golden roasted cashews and almonds with a lick of pure maple syrup. 87% nuts and seeds and not a grain in sight, it’s the breakfast you never knew you needed. If you’re nuts about nuts, this cereal is the one for you.

New Good Day Cashew Cookie (India): With the abundance of nuts on the surface and a great new taste,  the new Good Day Cashew will give its consumers more reasons to love their favorite cookie!

Nuts for Cheese Un-Brie-Lievable Cashew Product (Canada): She can do anything! Luscious, mild and creamy, this versatile wedge shines alone or as the better half of sweet and savory recipes alike. Made from cashews and dairy-free.

Nature’s Eats Original Cashew Flour (US): An all-natural cashew flour that is perfect for gluten-free baking, shakes and readings. It is Non-GMO Project Verified and has one simple ingredient –cashews.

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