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Jay Tilley, Assistant General Merchandise Manager for Food and Sundries at Costco Wholesale Corporation

17 July, 2019 A Chat with the Industry
"Corporate Responsibility Stands on Top of All Things"

INC Talks to Andrew Roenbeck, Executive Chef at Boca Raton Resort & Club, Florida

17 July, 2019 Gourmet
"Nuts and dried fruits add the extra love to cuisine".

The INRA's Walnut Germplasm Collection, a Reservoir of Diversity Essential for the Future of French Walnut Industry

17 July, 2019 Feature Articles
Tree of beliefs and legends, the walnut deserves this short overview of the situation of the walnut industry in France, and the past and future contribution of the INRA’s walnut...

Peanut Husk Panels for Use in Architecture and Design

17 July, 2019 Feature Articles
This article is the result of a study involving research, development and innovation. It describes the problem of the overabundance of peanut husks in places where the selection and processing...

Zero Waste in the Tree Nut Industry: Adding Value to Coproducts

17 July, 2019 Feature Articles
Food losses represent up to 40% for fruits and nuts. With that, the almond industry, spearheaded by the Almond Board of California, has committed to zero waste by 2025, meaning...

Communicating the Protein Content of Plant-based Foods. Opportunities and Challenges

1 April, 2019 Feature Articles
While Americans may be looking for plant-based foods that are good sources of protein, chances are, they’ll have a difficult time identifying these on store shelves.

INC Talks to Leonor Espinosa, Head Chef at Leo Restaurant in Bogotá, Colombia

19 March, 2019 Gourmet
“I work with biologists, ethnobotanists and dendrologists to discover promising species that can be incorporated into dishes and condiments, trying always to conserve nature and the essence of the product.”

Daniel Whitehouse, Global Category Director for Nuts at Mars Wrigley Confectionery

19 March, 2019 A Chat with the Industry
"Taste is the Predominant Factor, But Consumers Also Appreciate the Health Benefits, Convenience and Transparency of Ingredients in Those Products, Meaning Seeing Pieces or Entirety of the Nuts and Fruits...

Nuts: An Opportunity to Fight Child Malnutrition

18 March, 2019 Feature Articles
The beginning of 2019 has brought with it clearer-than-ever signs that the number of people in the world experiencing hunger is growing. Hunger has risen to levels not seen in...

The Digitalization of Trade

17 March, 2019 Feature Articles
Digitalization should not only make us think about the process of optimization but also about entirely new business models. Thinking outside the box makes all the difference. The majority of...

Consequences of Trade Turmoil for California Tree Nuts

22 January, 2019 Feature Articles
Almonds, pistachios and walnuts generate about $10 billion annually, or about 20% of farm revenue in California.  A large portion of this revenue comes from exports. Recent US and foreign...

Additional Tariffs on Nuts and Dried Fruits

21 November, 2018 Feature Articles
During the last few months, a new and uncertain trade environment is challenging the flow of trade.
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