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09 June, 2022 Industry News

WMO Macadamia Product Standard Ratified

WMO Macadamia Product Standard Ratified

Learn about the latest product standards for macadamias.

The World Macadamia Organization released the WMO Macadamia Product Standard, aimed at helping customers with the challenges that come with having different product standards. WMO Members ratified the product standard in Dubai, at the WMO Members’ Council Meeting, last May. The standard can be found on the WMO website here.
WMO was established in late 2020 to develop a greater understanding and appreciation of macadamias while stimulating growth, creating demand, and providing the long-term foundations for a strong, sustainable market. Current WMO members represent many of the largest macadamia-producing countries: South Africa, Australia, Kenya, Guatemala, Hawaii/USA, Vietnam and Zimbabwe.
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