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29 November, 2019 Industry News

Enroll Now in the INC Academia: 3rd Edition

After the success of its last two editions, the INC is pleased to announce the launch of the third edition of The Executive Program on Nuts and Dried Fruits. It combines a 50-hour online course and a face-to-face on-site experience of three days.

Starting in February 2020, the updated program provides an educative course about the basics of the nut and dried fruit industry, its main characteristics, applications and information resources.
The course combines online lessons (around 50 hours)including PDF summaries and more than 40 video tutorials, readings, videos and self-assessment tests, plus a three-day on-site course to learn through case studies, network with other industry professionals and visit orchards and factories. The course is presented as a full package, however it is possible to only undertake the online part. To attend the on-site course, participants must do the online course first.

The contents of the online course have been developed by professors from prestigious business schools. The program consists of 11 units (50 hours), covering the main aspects involved in the nut and dried fruit sector. Topics include lessons on soil and climate, varieties and uses, nutrition facts, food safety and quality standards, production, consumption trends among other key subjects. See the program.
Giving students a face-to-face experience, the three-day on-site course will take place May 24-26, 2020 in Italy, just before the INC World Congress. With more than 10 hours of preparatory tasks available, the on-site course gives students the opportunity to gain a first-hand look into different aspects of the industry as well as meeting with fellow peers. In addition to this all case studies are developed by professors from prestigious business schools and are entirely focused on the nut and dried fruit industry.
The INC Academia's Executive Program on Nuts and Dried Fruits allows students to learn the basics of the nut and dried fruit industry at their own pace, as well as providing them with great networking opportunities. The INC will provide a certificate of completion to those who complete and pass the online course (score of 60% or more after one single attempt) and a certificate of attendance to those who participate in the on-site course.
The INC Academia is the educational project of the International Nut and Dried Fruit Council. Enroll now.
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