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08 October, 2020 Industry News

Stay Tuned In for the Real Power for Real People Campaign

Stay Tuned In for the Real Power for Real People Campaign

This year's dissemination plan is coming soon! Stay up-to-date and don't miss the launch! The campaign will connect the "Real Power" you get from consuming nuts & dried fruits to attitudinal immunity with a goal to promote the global consumption of nuts & dried fruits.

What Is Attitudinal Immunity and Plant-Based Power?

When someone talks about immunity, attitudinal immunity is not the initial example that comes to mind, yet it is tremendously important. Attitudinal immunity can be simply described as a person’s ability to fight against external factors that attempt to bring them down. These external factors can range from negative thoughts and all the bad news reported every day to discrimination and pessimism. The idea is that it does not matter how strong our physical body is, if we are not immune to the negative influences, eventually we will fall.

One way to improve and better your attitudinal immunity is to feed your body with nutritional real food like nuts and dried fruits. Nuts and dried fruits give your body real power and this helps with facing challenges that we all encounter on a daily basis because after all, we are all real people.

We all can be susceptible to negative influences, but with assistance from real food, we can take a step towards building our attitudinal immunity. This notion gives way to the campaign’s official slogan: Real Power for Real People.

Real Power for Real People Campaign Coming Soon

The INC continues to work on the launch of the Real Power for Real People campaign and you are going to want to be a part of this global campaign! Keep an eye out for the launch, which is poised to promote nuts and dried fruits on a global scale!
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