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27 October, 2020 Industry News

Real Power for Real People Campaign Launches Today

Over the past few months, the INC has been working to build a dissemination campaign that can truly promote the global consumption of nuts and dried fruits. The project Real Power for Real People was the result and today will mark the global launch of the campaign!

The Real Plant-Based Power

Real Power for Real People connects nuts & dried fruits to attitudinal immunity. The campaign utilizes the plant-based power and the “Real Power” of nuts and dried fruits to show how they boost your attitudinal immunity. While this concept is not the traditional meaning of “immunity”, it is essential, as it represents an individual’s ability to resist the negativity that surrounds us and gives them the power to overcome any challenges. And we all know that in the world today, there is just too much negativity, from the COVID-19 pandemic, social issues, to individual bad news that brings us down. Luckily by consuming nuts and dried fruits, we can have the power to take back control and beat any negativity that comes our way!

Share Your Nutfruit Power

With the official launch of the dissemination campaign, the INC has created a short one-minute video to pose as the main tool of the campaign. This video highlights how with nuts and dried fruits, we can be confident, powerful, and fight off any negativity in our lives! Furthermore, joining the campaign is a long list of macro and micro influencers, all with the goal to energize their followers with this message! Be on the lookout for social media hashtags such as #RealPowerforRealPeople and #ShareYourNutfruitPower to see the campaign in action!

Additionally, as in previous campaigns, the INC will promote Real Power for Real People through digital advertising to expand the reach of the campaign!

Join the INC's New Campaign Now

Making this project special though, and giving it the ability to reach new levels of consumers is the Toolkit designed by the INC. This toolkit can be sent to INC Members who wish to participate in Real Power for Real People and with digital resources and material provided in the Toolkit, members can now spread the message in their own markets! This is an extraordinary part of the plan that provides members to partner up with the INC and take this project global.

Any INC members who are interested in receiving a toolkit and participating in this campaign will need to email the INC at
Together as a united industry, this campaign can promote the consumption of nuts and dried fruits on an international scale! Join now as Real Power for Real People officially launches today!
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