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15 December, 2020 Industry News

New Personalized Experience for INC Academia 2021

New Personalized Experience for INC Academia 2021

Students will now be able to tailor the course to more directly meet their needs and desire.

Personalized Nut & Dried Fruit Education

The Third Edition of the Executive Program on Nuts and Dried Fruits was marked by the COVID-19 pandemic that swept across our world. Even now, almost a year into the global health crisis, things are not as they were both. Nevertheless, the 2020 Edition is finishing strong with a total of 64 students from 26 countries. Given this success, the INC continues to work hard to provide an unparalleled learning experience for students of the INC Academia.
With all of that in mind, for 2021, the INC has searched for new topics of special interest and has expanded its training offer. New to 2021, INC Academia students will now be able to select between two self-paced training tracks: General Industry Track and Specialized Elective Track. 

General Industry Track

The General Industry Track will provide students with a basic overview of the entire nut and dried fruit industry. The track is presented as a full package that combines online lessons, with reading materials, videos, and self-assessment tests, plus an optional intensive On-site course that includes technical visits, networking, and learning through case studies. Students will have the possibility to only undertake the online portion of the full package. Due to COVID-19, information regarding the on-site course will be made available later on.

The online program consists of 12 units, 10 of which are required, and 2 that are electives. The 10 required units cover topics like soil and climate, varieties, nutrition facts, processing, food safety, quality standards, and industry statistics, among other subjects.

Specialized Elective Track

This track enables students to pick their courses from a list of 4 specialized courses. From this list, students can select the 2 elective courses that are required to complete the General Industry Track. The topics that are available with the Specialized Elective Track include:
  • Arbitration rules
  • International market opportunities
  • Cross-cultural negotiations
  • Risk & insurance

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