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20 January, 2022 Legal Update

Labeling Update: January 2022

Labeling Update: January 2022

Check out this news on labeling from China, the European Union, and Vietnam.

China: Hong Kong Voluntary Salt and Sugar Labeling Scheme for Prepackaged Food Products

According to a recent USDA GAIN report, Hong Kong is encouraging the trade to use less salt and sugar for foods by introducing a voluntary “Salt/Sugar” label scheme for prepackaged food products.
Consumers may be benefited from these nutrient labels, as they can help them identify products with low/no sugar or salt.
The list of products includes snacks that contain nut products. A full list of food and drinks can be found on The Hong Kong Center for Food Safety (CFS) website.
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UE: Public Consultation on the Revision of Food Labeling Requirements

The European Commission launched on December 13, 2021, a public consultation period for the upcoming revision to the Food Information to Consumers Regulation. The Commission is seeking views on different proposed changes to front-of-pack nutrition labeling, nutrient profiling criteria to restrict claims, origin labeling, date marking, and alcoholic beverages labeling.
Deadline for comments ends March 7, 2022.
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Vietnam Amends Labeling Requirements for Imported Goods

A USDA GAIN report summarizes and unofficially translates Decree 11/2021/ND-CP from December 9, 2021, that amends and supplements Decree 43/2017/NDCP on Goods Labeling. This amendment groups all categories of food, beverages, and agricultural products distributed in Vietnam, both domestically produced and imported.
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