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12 June, 2020 Industry News

Join Us for the INC Webinar Series on Nuts and Dried Fruits

During this uncertain time in the industry caused by COVID-19, the INC Chairman, Michael Waring, invites you all to participate in the INC Webinar Series that will begin on June 1, 2020. Led by a panel of experts, these working groups will provide insightful debates and discussions on each product and the state of the industry.

June 1 - 5, 2020

Monday 1  Tuesday 2 Wednesday 3 Thursday 4 Friday 5

Dried Cranberries,
Raisins & Prunes


June 8 - 12, 2020

Monday 8 Tuesday 9 Wednesday 10 Thursday 11 Friday 12

Pine Nuts


Dried Apricots,
Figs & Dates
    Brazil Nuts

Almonds Webinar - June 1, 2020

9am EST | 3pm CET | 6:30pm IST | 9pm HKT | 11pm AEST
Chaired by Brian Ezell, Vice President, Almond Division of Wonderful Pistachios and Almonds, USA.
  • Warren Choen, Blue Diamond Growers, USA
  • Craig Duerr, Campos Brothers, USA
  • Paul Thompson, Select Harvests, Australia
  • Antonio Pont Jr., Crisol de Frutos Secos, Spain
Duration: 1 hour.
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Walnuts Webinar - June 2, 2020

9am EST | 3pm CET | 6:30pm IST | 9pm HKT | 11pm AEST
Chaired by Bill Carriere, President, Carriere Family Farms, USA.
  • John Aguiar, Mariani Nut Company, USA
  • David Valenzuela, La Invernada, Chile
  • Serkan Görgülü, Tiryaki Agro, Turkey
Duration: 1 hour.


Pistachios Webinar - June 3, 2020

9am EST | 3pm CET | 6:30pm IST | 9pm HKT | 11pm AEST
Chaired by Behrooz Agah, Member of the Board of Trustees, Iran Pistachio Association, Iran.
  • Mike Hohmann, The Wonderful Company, USA
  • Serkan Görgülü, Tiryaki Agro, Turkey
  • Pino Calcagni, Besana Group, Italy
  • Cheng Hung Kay, CHK Trading Co., Ltd., Hong Kong
Duration: 1 hour.

Dried Cranberries, Raisins, & Prunes Webinar - June 4, 2020

9am EST | 3pm CET | 6:30pm IST | 9pm HKT | 11pm AEST
Chaired by Pedro Monti, Sales Manager, Prunesco, Chile.

  • Donn Zea, California Prune Board, USA
  • Osman Oz, Anatolia AS and Turkish Dried Fruit Exporters Union, Turkey
  • Simon Melik, Dried Fruit Alliance & UK National Dried Fruit Trade Association
  • Ferdie Botha, Raisins South Africa, South Africa
Duration: 1 hour.
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Macadamias Webinar - June 5, 2020

9am EST | 3pm CET | 6:30pm IST | 9pm HKT | 11pm AEST
Chaired by Jolyon Burnett, CEO, Australian Macadamia Society, Australia.
  • Pieter van der Westhuizen, Macadamias South Africa
  • Chen Yuxiu, Yunnan Macadamia Society, China
  • José Eduardo Camargo, QueenNut Macadamia, Brazil
  • Cheng Hung Kay, CHK Trading Co., Ltd., China-Hong Kong
Duration: 45 minutes.

Peanuts Webinar - June 8, 2020

9am EST | 3pm CET | 6:30pm IST | 9pm HKT | 11pm AEST
Chaired by Louise McKerchar, Vice President, European Marketing Director,  American Peanut Council, USA.
  • Dr. Samara Sterling, The Peanut Institute, USA
  • Mike Davis, Olam Peanut Shelling Company, USA
  • Alessandro Annibali, New Factor, Italy
Duration: 45 minutes.

Dried Apricots, Figs, & Dates Webinar - June 8, 2020

11am EST | 5pm CET | 8:30pm IST | 11pm HKT | 1am AEST +1
Chaired by Guillaume Pagy, General Manager, Pagysa, Turkey.
  • Ahmed Boujbel, Boudjebel, Tunisia
  • Ogan Ceryan, Anatolia AS, Turkey
  • Michele Murano, Murano S.p.A., Italy
  • Verne Powell, Great Lakes International Trading, USA
Duration: 1 hour.

Cashews Webinar - June 9, 2020

9am EST | 3pm CET | 6:30pm IST | 9pm HKT | 11pm AEST
Chaired by Hari Nair, President, Western India Cashew Company, India.
  • Rahul Kamath, Bola Surendra Kamath and Sons, India
  • Vu Thai Son, Long Son Joint Stock Company, Vietnam
  • Marc Rosenblatt, The Richard Franco Agency, USA
  • Jan Vincent Rieckmann, August Töpfer & Co., Germany
Duration: 1 hour.

Hazelnuts Webinar - June 10, 2020

9am EST | 3pm CET | 6:30pm IST | 9pm HKT | 11pm AEST
Chaired by Ufuk Özongun, Board Member, Istanbul Exporters' Association, Turkey.
  • Ilyas Edip Sevinç, Black Sea Exporters Association, Turkey
  • Riccardo Calcagni, Besana Group, Italy
  • Tommaso de Gregorio, Ferrero Hazelnut Company
  • Larry George, Northwest Hazelnut Company & George Packing Company, USA
Duration: 1 hour.

Pine Nuts Webinar - June 11, 2020

9am EST | 3pm CET | 6:30pm IST | 9pm HKT | 11pm AEST
Chaired by Wim Leeuwenburgh, Managing Director, Rhumveld Winter and Konijn BV, Netherlands.
  • Chen Ying, China Chamber of Commerce, China
  • Dan Phipps, President and CEO, Red River Foods, USA
  • Andrei Mikhailenko, Siberian Pine Nuts, Russia
  • Riccardo Calcagni, Besana Group, Italy
Duration: 45 minutes.

Brazil Nuts Webinar - June 11, 2020

11am EST | 5pm CET | 8:30pm IST | 11pm HKT | 1am AEST +1
Chaired by David Rosenblatt, President, The Richard Franco Agency, USA.
  • Tony Nguyen, The Kraft Heinz Company, USA
  • Edward Danon, Voicevale, UK
  • Enrique Nelkenbaum, Tahuamanu, Bolivia
  • José Belicha, Caiba Ind. e Com. S/A, Brazil
Duration: 45 minutes.

Pecans Webinar - June 12, 2020 

9am EST | 3pm CET | 6:30pm IST | 9pm HKT | 11pm AEST
Chaired by Jeffrey Sanfilippo, CEO, John B. Sanfilippo & Son, Inc, USA.
  • Andreas Snyman, GWK Limited, South Africa
  • Ricardo Martínez Cobian, Pecaninis, Mexico
Duration: 45 minutes.
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The webinars will be recorded and the INC is able to use these recordings without temporal or territorial limitations, for the promotion of the INC’s activities in internal and external media. Your data will be treated in accordance with EU GDPR. Find additional information here.
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