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04 May, 2020 Industry News

INC Academia: Special 33% Discount and Schedule Changes

INC Academia: Special 33% Discount and Schedule Changes

Considering the evolving situation in the world with regards to COVID-19, the INC has decided to offer a limited time special price of €950 for the Executive Program on Nuts and Dried Fruits. The deadlines and schedules have also been updated accordingly.

Save 33% on the Executive Program on Nuts and Dried Fruits Online Course

As the world grapples with COVID-19, the INC would like to offer its support and acknowledge the struggles that come with the virus. In response, from now until June 30, the INC is offering a limited time special price of €950 to enroll in the online course for INC members. Don’t miss this chance to take part in the online course for only €950!
The online course offers an insight into the nut and dried fruit industry that is unparalleled. The course consists of 11 units (50 hours) and will give students an idea of the main aspects involved in the sector. Topics include soil and climate, varieties, nutrition facts, processing, food safety, and quality standards, industry statistics and essential strategies for successful negotiations, among other subjects.

Stay Up to Date with the New INC Academia Schedule

In addition to the discount price, the INC has changed various deadlines and schedules regarding the Academia. As the INC monitors the developments of COVID-19, member safety is at the forefront of decision making.
In response, the on-site course, originally to take place in May 2020, has been moved to May 2021 and will take place in Italy. As more details are confirmed, the information will be made available.

Regarding the online course, the INC has decided to extend the deadline for enrolling in the course. Initially set for April 15, 2020, the deadline to enroll is now August 31, 2020. The date to complete the online course has also been adjusted as students will now have until September 15, 2020, to finish the online material.

The INC would like to remind all, that in order to attend the on-site course, the online course must be completed first. To find more information visit the INC Academia page.

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