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13 October, 2021 Industry News

Global Statistical Review, Hazelnuts

Global Statistical Review, Hazelnuts

Check out the latest update on hazelnuts.

Turkey Hazelnuts

After initial harvest reports, the crop estimation remains as previously announced, with a note that any potential deviation would be on the positive side. Despite the strong harvest figures, drying conditions are delaying the flow, especially in the Eastern Black Sea region. The delay in drying may result in a higher rotten percentage in the upcoming months. Fruit development is optimal with a negligible percentage of small calibers, where the median caliber is 14 mm.
TMO announced 27 TL/kg for Giresun and 26.50 TL/kg for Levant varieties in August and the market formed just below that level with less strict acceptance criteria with strong trading volumes. However, it would not be a surprise for TMO to exceed 50,000 metric tons procurement performance.

Italy Hazelnuts

The harvest started with a delay of two weeks and ended up towards the end of September with an off crop of 50,000 MT (in-shell basis). Due to the low yield (-2% from last season), quality might be affected by a high incidence of stink bug damage. A very good setting for next year crop can be already observed.

USA Hazelnuts

Growing conditions have been favorable, although it has been very dry through much of the summer. This does not appear to have negatively affected kernel fill nor quality. In-shell sizing is somewhat smaller than average, but this is in part due to the larger crop load on the trees.
There is concern over the current shipping challenges affecting important in-shell markets in Asia. Even with continuing COVID-19 concerns, harvest and production operations have stood ready to handle the crop. Finally, recently released numbers indicate new plantings are continuing at an annual rate of approximately 5,000 acres (2,000 hectares), for a total planted area of 90,000 acres (36,000 ha).
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