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03 February, 2020 Industry News

INC Academia Online Course Is Open. Enroll Now!

Thanks to its continued success, the INC is pleased to announce the inauguration of the third edition of the Executive Program on Nuts and Dried Fruits. The program launched this February 1, initiating with the online course.

What the Nut and Dried Fruit Program Involves

Fast becoming the essential training program for nut and dried fruit industry professionals, the INC Academia combines online lessons, created and designed by top experts from the world's most prestigious institutions, with an intensive 3-day on-site experience this year taking place in stunning Southern Italy near Naples. The course is presented as a full package however, it is possible to undertake the online part only. To attend the on-site course, participants must do the online course first

The online program, which allows students to learn at their own pace, consists of 11 units (50 hours) and covers the main aspects involved in the nut and dried fruit sector. Topics include lessons on soil and climate, varieties and uses, nutrition facts, food safety and quality standards, production, consumption trends among other key subjects.

Aiming to give students a globalized view of the entire nut and dried fruit industry, the on- site part will enable students to learn about the different production systems in Italy, all while taking in its spectacular views. Visits to the country's top orchards, processing plants and also a distribution center will aid in the learning process.

Students will also learn through brand-new case studies on Strategy and Leadership and Negotiation.

A 3-Day On-site Experience in Italy

Starting off in Naples, the program will combine visits to hazelnut and walnut orchards with trips to processing plants of internationally known companies Besana Group and Strega Alberti Benevento.

Not only providing invaluable networking opportunities, the on-site course will also allow students to enjoy the culinary delights of Italian cuisine during the welcome cocktail and dinner, organized by INC. One not to be missed.

Join the Exclusive Tour Around the Port of Jebel Ali

For students attending the INC Congress in Dubai, for an additional cost, why not take the tour around the fascinating Port of Jebel Ali. Helping to drive growth across the UAE, the port acts as a gateway to enable trade across the region and beyond. Students will have the opportunity to go on a guided tour around the world's largest man-made harbor and witness all the goings-on of the ninth busiest port in the world.

Once the course has been completed, the INC will provide an official certificate of completion to those who complete and pass the online course and a certificate of attendance to those who participate in the on-site course. Don't miss out on this unique learning experience and ENROLL NOW in the INC Academia.
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