INC Academia

The Past Editions of the Executive Program on Nuts & Dried Fruits

INC Academia: First Edition

2019 · 2018

The first edition of the INC Academia opened on February 1, 2018, and closed on May 19, 2018. and exceeded all expectations gathering a total of 42 students from 19 countries. 

The course combined a 10-unit online course of approximately 50 hours, and a final three-day on-site experience where students learned through case studies and visits to orchards and factories. The on-site course took place in Sevilla, Spain.

Students had the opportunity to visit the factory of, La Fortaleza, a family business that originated in 1928 plus visits to walnut, pistachio and almond plantations in El Carquí, a 297.8 ha estate owned by Borges in the province of Granada. They also visited the factory Almendras de Almería, a company that specializes in the shelling and processing of almonds. In addition, students had the opportunity to learn about almond processing and machinery thanks to experts from Maseto Technologies.



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