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15 May - 17 May 2014
Brisbane, Australia

2nd World Forum for Nutrition Research

2nd World Forum for Nutrition Research

The 2nd World Forum for Nutrition Research Conference was held in Brisbane on 14 May as a satellite meeting of the 31st National Conference of the Dietitians Association of Australia (15-17May). The conference was supported by the Dietitians Association of Australia, in collaboration with the Nutrition Society of Australia and the Federation of Societies of Nutrition and Dietetics Spain (FESNAD), and received sponsorship from INC and Nuts for Life®, Australia. There were over 110 registrations before the conference, and the room was full with dietitians, nutritionists, medical and scientific researchers, representatives of the food industry and journalists.

The conference was chaired and facilitated by Professor Linda Tapsell from the University of Wollongong, Australia.  Dr Luis Serra Majem, from the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, opened the meeting, outlining the cultural heritage of the Mediterranean Diet and noting its recognition by UNESCO for representing Intangible Cultural Heritage. Dr Emilio Ros from the landmark PREDIMED study which proved the effects of the Mediterranean Diet gave a number of presentations from the study team.

There were a number of presentations by researchers from Australia and Spain which analysed various concepts of the Mediterranean Diet. Local researchers reported on studies of the Mediterranean Diet in Australia, with a particular interest in the effects of migration and cultural integration on eating patterns. Overall the conference was a great success, with a wide spectrum of presenters, ably followed up by a panel of experts.

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