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Short Form Contract

The INC Short Form Contract was created at the request of INC Members and in response to the needs of the sector.

Enter to see all the information regarding the contract and download it for your own use.

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TV Channel

Discover INC TV, the channel where you can watch all our past online events including the sessions from the INC 3D Online Conference. Listen to industry experts to talk about the latest updates within the sector.

Enter and uncover the world of nuts and dried fruits.

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The INC Tariff information shows tariff rates on nuts and dried fruits of the major export/import countries.

The data is according to the latest statistics available of worldwide trade on nuts and dried fruits.

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Members Directory

Discover the complete list of INC members around the world and connect to grow your network.

With over 800 companies from 78 countries around the world, embrace the international connection the INC offers.

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Renew your Membership

Retain access to the benefits that comes with INC membership and renew membership here.

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Online Statistics Database

Access to 450,000+ statistical data on crops, stock, imports, exports, and consumption of nuts and dried fruits starting from 1995.

The world reference for all international organizations, producers, handlers, industries and stakeholders.

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The Nutfruit magazine provides readers the best overview of the nut and dried fruit industry and serves as the official voice of the INC.

Download PDF versions of the magazine and access the leading international magazine on nuts and dried fruits.

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Statistical Yearbooks

Access an overview of the latest statistics on nut and dried fruits production, trade, and consumption globally.

Download PDF versions of the Statistical Yearbooks here and discover trends and data on the nut and dried fruit industry.

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Border Rejections

Gain insights into the import alerts and notifications for nuts and dried fruits, analyzing the trends and monitoring the causes and origins.

Download PDF versions of the Import Border Rejection Reports here and learn about import alerts and notifications.

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In 2018, INC conducted a survey among aiming to provide an overview of the industry’s sustainability oriented programs and measures.

Download and view the results of the Research survey.

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