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February 2022 - December 2022

Courses start from: €750

Enrollment open until: October 31, 2022
All programs and courses must be completed by December 31 2022
Language: English
Certified course by the INC


Over the last four editions of the INC Academia, it has become clear that it is a growing success, educating hundreds of individuals within the nut and dried fruit industry. As the INC Academia continues to grow, it is being constantly adapted and developed to meet the needs and desires of its students. The 2022 edition features 3 programs which students can partake in: Industry Master Classes, Nuts & Dried Fruits 101, and the Executive Program on Nuts and Dried Fruits, where the option for the on-site course has returned. All programs must be completed by January 2023, regardless of when the program is started. Enrollment for this edition is open until October 2022.

Industry Master Classes
Industry Master Classes provide additional content for the INC Academia. These classes will take you even deeper into a specific topic. If you aren’t enrolled yet, check one out for free to see what we cover in the INC Academia.

Basic Program on Nuts and Dried Fruits
An introduction into the world of nuts and dried fruits. The Basic Program on Nuts & Dried Fruits will cover the fundamentals of the industry, making this program ideal for anyone who is new to the sector. The program highlights all of the steps from the farm to food safety, everything in between, and even some of the industry statistics and insights.

Advanced Program on Nuts & Dried Fruits
Tailored to the seasoned or prospective manager, the Advanced Program on Nuts & Dried Fruits opens up the business side of the sector. This program highlights some of the most important topics for managers like logistics,  contracts, international market opportunities, risk and insurance, sustainability, and much more. Students will have the option to partake in the on-site course as well.


Photo Ms. Ciara Jackson
Aon Insurance Company, Ireland
Photo Mr. Rudolf Ernst
August Töpfer & Co., Germany
Photo Mr. José Roig Borrell
Borrell ®, Spain-USA
Photo Mr. Thomas Barber
Bühler Aeroglide, USA
Photo Dr. Ing. Malte Ahrens
Former Process Engineer at Bühler Aeroglide, USA
Photo Prof. Dr. Uygun Aksoy
Consultant, Turkey
Photo Mr. Klaus Ihrig
Detia Degesch, Germany
Photo Dr. Christine M. Hilbert
Hygiena, USA
Photo Dr. Catherine N. Torgler
Hygien Diagnostica, USA
Photo Prof. Dr. Kandarp Mehta,
IESE Business School, Spain
Photo Mr. Marco Azzaretti
Key Technology, USA
Photo Mr. Wilfried Thobe
Mondi Consumer Goods Packaging, Austria
Photo Mr. Corrado Carosella
Medirerranean Shipping Company
Photo Dr. Cameon Ivarsson
Napasol, Switzerland
Photo Mr. Stefano Massari
Oltremare, Italy
Photo Prof. Jordi Salas-Salvadó
University Rovira i Virgili, Spain
Photo Mr. Carlos de Pablos
Silliker Ibérica SAU, Spain
Photo Dr. Vicki McWilliam
The Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne, Australia
Photo Mr. David Woollard
TNA Solutions Pty Ltd, Australia
Photo Brendan O’Donnell
TOMRA Foods, Belgium
Photo Assoc. Prof. Cesarettin Alasalvar
Photo Ms. Claudia Toussaint
Waren-Verein der Hamburger Börse e.V., Germany


We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the authors for their collaboration in providing the information needed for the course, and the support of the INC Academic Committee in the good development of the program.
We would also like to thank Dr. Ana Bermejo, Food Safety and Law Specialist at the INC, Dr. Julia Cartelle, Statistician and International Trade Specialist and Maria Pascual, former Consultant Nutritionist at INC, for their participation in content creation in those Units the INC has developed.


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