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12 May, 2021 Health News

The Effect of a Dried Fruit and Vegetable Supplement on Gut and Health Among Female Healthcare Workers

The Effect of a Dried Fruit and Vegetable Supplement on Gut and Health Among Female Healthcare Workers

Researchers recently published a paper in the journal Microorganisms which aimed to analyze the effect of a dried fruit and vegetable supplement (FVC) along with a high fiber shake on the gut and health of female healthcare workers.

For the study, 57 asymptomatic, pre-menopausal, and overweight females between the ages of 25- and 50-years old working in the healthcare industry were included. Researchers collected blood and fecal samples from each of the individuals at two-, four-, and five-month checkups. The participants were given a daily supplementation of dried fruit, vegetables, and a high fiber shake.

It was observed that the FVC supplement yielded no significant change in blood lipids, glucose, and immune parameters, however, there was a glucose clearance improvement. The FVC supplement did show results as it reduced Bacteroides abundance and increased fecal butyrate. The high fiber element improved levels of health-related to bacteria.

In summary, the results suggest that a dried fruit and vegetable supplement, with a high fiber shake, may alter intestinal microbiota and improve glucose clearance. These results make the argument that this combination of supplements may improve glucose metabolism and possibly reduce the risk of insulin resistance.

van der Merwe, M., Moore, D., Hill, J. L., Keating, F. H., Buddington, R. K., Bloomer, R. J., ... & Bowman, D. D. (2021). The Impact of a Dried Fruit and Vegetable Supplement and Fiber Rich Shake on Gut and Health Parameters in Female Healthcare Workers: A Placebo-Controlled, Double-Blind, Randomized Clinical Trial. Microorganisms, 9(4), 843.
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