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08 October, 2020 Health News

Sperm DNA Methylation and Short-Term Nut Consumption

Sperm DNA Methylation and Short-Term Nut Consumption

A recent study published in the journal Andrology examined how sperm DNA methylation is altered following tree nut consumption in a Western-style diet.

Throughout recent years, there has been a research focus on how different environmental and lifestyle features, including diet, affect sperm quality.
This study was a post-hoc analysis of a subset of individuals from the FERTINUTS 14 week randomized-controlled trial that took place between 2015 and 2017. The analysis focused on 72 individuals from the FERTINUTS study and consisted of 48 participants in the nut consumption group with 24 in the control group. Sperm DNA methylation was observed at the starting point and after 14 weeks.
The researchers found that there were 36 genomic regions which significantly changed in methylation after the trial for those who consumed nuts. They also identified that 97.2% of the regions displayed hypermethylation. In conclusion, the study showed that including nuts to a typical Western-style diet may impact sperm DNA methylation in specific regions, signifying some sperm regions are affected by diet.
Salas‐Huetos, A., James, E. R., Salas‐Salvadó, J., Bulló, M., Aston, K. I., Carrell, D. T., & Jenkins, T. G. Sperm DNA methylation changes after shortterm nut supplementation in healthy males consuming a Westernstyle dietAndrology.
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