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12 May, 2021 Health News

Snacking on Mixed Tree Nuts for Weight Loss and Increased Satiety

Snacking on Mixed Tree Nuts for Weight Loss and Increased Satiety

In a recent article published in the journal Nutrients, researchers compared mixed tree nuts and refined carbohydrate snacks in programs for weight loss and maintenance.

The researchers performed a randomized, controlled, two-arm study with 95 overweight participants over the span of 24 weeks. The first 12 weeks of the trial had the individuals partake in a hypocaloric diet and the last 12 weeks were an isocaloric weight management program. Throughout the entire 24-week study, participants consumed 1.5 oz of mixed nuts or refined carbohydrate pretzel snack on a daily basis.

After the study was complete, researchers noted that while both groups saw significant weight loss, the mixed nut group saw additional health benefits. At 24 weeks, the mixed nut groups showed a significant increase in satiety and at 4, 12, and 24 weeks, they experienced a significant decrease in heart rate. Moreover, the participants who consumed mixed nuts saw an increase in plasma oleic acid at 12 and 24 weeks while this was only observed at 12 weeks for the refined carbohydrate pretzel snack group.

In conclusion, both mixed nut consumers and refined carbohydrate pretzel snack consumers experienced weight loss in the 24-week trial, however, it was observed that that the mixed nut groups also saw increased satiety, enhanced retention, decreased heart rate and increased serum oleic acid.

This study was fund by NREF.

Wang, J., Wang, S., Henning, S. M., Qin, T., Pan, Y., Yang, J., ... & Li, Z. (2021). Mixed Tree Nut Snacks Compared to Refined Carbohydrate Snacks Resulted in Weight Loss and Increased Satiety during Both Weight Loss and Weight Maintenance: A 24-Week Randomized Controlled Trial. Nutrients, 13(5), 1512.
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