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14 July, 2021 Health News

Functional Benefits of Raisins in Sweet Baked Goods as Substitute to Animal Fat

Functional Benefits of Raisins in Sweet Baked Goods as Substitute to Animal Fat

See how raisins can be used in place of animal fat!

A recent white paper released by the California Raisin Marketing Board examined the functionality of using California raisins, more specifically, raisin paste as a substitute for fat and sugar in sweet baked goods. The research, conducted by food consulting firm CuliNex involved using a basic fudge brownie and then gradually replacing the percentage of total fat from egg yolks and butter with raisin paste. 

The research started with a base brownie where 100% of the fat content came from egg yolks and butter and then gradually increased the amount of raisin paste used, using 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100%. Furthermore, throughout the experiment, they reduced sugar and increased the bitter chocolate to account for the sweetness of the raisin paste. It was noted that at each level of raisin paste usage, the visible crumb and texture of the brownies was relatively unaffected; additionally, the moisture was found to be consistent with the base brownie. At higher percentages of raisin paste usage, the brownies became slightly stickier, but this was considered positive as a slightly undercooked or gooey brownie is naturally considered better. Considering these findings, the researchers concluded that raisin paste was shown to be a viable alternative to animal fats in this brownie.
Other findings from the study showed that the raisin flavor was not noticeable until at least 75% of the fat content was from the raisin paste; at 75% and 100% raisin paste, the fruity notes from the raisins were found to be complementary of the chocolate. Moreover, on a nutritional level, a decrease in overall calories, total fat, saturated fat, and cholesterol was observed as more and more of the fat was derived from the raisin paste. At 100% usage of the raisin paste, the level of cholesterol was zero.

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