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22 October, 2021 Health News

Effects of Peanut Consumption on Memory and Stress Response

Effects of Peanut Consumption on Memory and Stress Response

Consuming peanuts may improve your memory and stress indicators.  

A recent study published in the journal Clinical Nutrition sought to explore the effects of peanut consumption on memory and stress response in healthy adults. Peanuts contain bioactive compounds that may have a positive impact on memory and stress.
Researchers conducted a randomized controlled trial with 63 healthy young adults. The participants were asked to consume either 25 g/day of skin roasted peanuts, 32 g/day of peanut butter, or 32 g/day of a control butter made from peanut oil which did not contain phenolic compounds and fiber. The duration of the study lasted six months. Each individual’s polyphenol intake, cognitive functions, and anxiety and depression scores were analyzed using validated tests.
At the end of the trial, it was found that when looking at the two interventions in comparison to the control, those who consumed the skin roasted peanuts had a significant reduction in anxiety scores. It was also noted that an improved immediate memory and lower anxiety scores were shown in those who consumed skin roasted peanuts or peanut butter. Lower depression scores were associated with all three groups, included the control butter made from peanut oil. In conclusion, the study suggests that regular consumption of peanuts and peanut butter may improve memory function and the stress response among healthy individuals.  
This work was co-funded by The Peanut Institute.
Parilli-Moser, I., Domínguez-López, I., Trius-Soler, M., Castellví, M., Bosch, B., Castro-Barquero, S., ... & Lamuela-Raventós, R. M. (2021). Consumption of peanut products improves memory and stress response in healthy adults from the ARISTOTLE study: a 6-month randomized controlled trial. Clinical Nutrition.
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