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09 January, 2019 Health News

Eating Hazelnuts May Help Improve Vitamin E Status in Older Adults

Eating Hazelnuts May Help Improve Vitamin E Status in Older Adults

Many older adults do not consume adequate amounts of vitamin E from their habitual diet. Inadequate vitamin E intake is of concern for this population group because lower concentrations have been associated with age-related diseases.

The objective of this study, recently published to The Journal of Nutrition, was to determine the effect of daily hazelnut intake on vitamin E and magnesium status. A total of 32 participants were recruited and included in the study. They consumed approximately 57 g/day of hazelnuts for 16 weeks.
The study results observed that hazelnut consumption increased concentrations of the urinary α-tocopherol metabolite α-CEHC (a vitamin E biomarker) and serum concentrations of magnesium. They also decreased concentrations of fasting blood sugar levels and LDL “bad” cholesterol. In conclusion, consuming hazelnuts may help improve a biomarker of vitamin E status in older adults.
Michels, A. J., Leonard, S. W., Uesugi, S. L., Bobe, G., Frei, B., & Traber, M. G. (2018). Daily Consumption of Oregon Hazelnuts Affects α-Tocopherol Status in Healthy Older Adults: A Pre-Post Intervention Study. The Journal of nutrition148(12), 1924-1930.
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