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07 April, 2022 Health News

Daily Consumption of Cranberry May Improve Endothelial Function

Daily Consumption of Cranberry May Improve Endothelial Function

Learn about how cranberries may improve endothelial function.

The journal Food & Function has published a recent study that looks at the health benefits of cranberry consumption. While there have been previous studies highlighting the cardiovascular health benefits of cranberry juice consumption, there is a lack of research on the consumption of whole cranberries.
The researchers investigated the health benefits of daily consumption of freeze-dried whole cranberries in healthy men. The study was a 1-month double-blind, parallel-group, randomized controlled trial with 45 healthy male adults. The participants split into two groups with one group instructed to consume 9g of cranberry powder solubilized in water equivalent to 100g of fresh cranberries, and another serving as a control group. Flow-mediated dilation (FMD), which is the widening of an artery when blood flow increases in that artery, was the primary indicator that was measured.
In conclusion, the research found that daily consumption of the cranberry powder significantly improved flow-mediated dilation in health mean, meaning that cranberry consumption may improve vascular function.
Heiss C, Istas G, Feliciano RP, Weber T, Wang B, Favari C, Mena P, Del Rio D, Rodriguez-Mateos A (2022). Daily consumption of cranberry improves endothelial function in healthy adults: a double blind randomized controlled trial. Food & Function, 13, 3812-3824. 
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