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07 September, 2018 Health News

Almond Snacking May Help Decrease Glucose and “Bad” Cholesterol Levels

Almond Snacking May Help Decrease Glucose and “Bad” Cholesterol Levels

This recent study published in the journal Nutrients examined the potential benefits of almond vs. cracker snacking in improving blood sugar and cholesterol levels in new college students. A total of 73 students were randomized into either an almond snack group (56.7 g/day) or a cracker control group (77.5 g/day). Participants consumed their snacks on an average of 6 days per week over the 8-week intervention. Some outcomes as glucose, insulin, lipid profile, among others, were assessed during the intervention period.

The study results observed that almond consumption (56.7 g/2 oz.) ameliorated the decline in HDL “good” cholesterol and resulted in greater postprandial glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity than a cracker snack. In general, incorporating a morning snack in the dietary regimen of first-year college students reduced fasting blood sugar and cholesterol levels.
Dhillon, J., Thorwald, M., De, N. L. C., Vu, E., Asghar, S. A., Kuse, Q., ... & Ortiz, R. M. (2018). Glucoregulatory and Cardiometabolic Profiles of Almond vs. Cracker Snacking for 8 Weeks in Young Adults: A Randomized Controlled Trial. Nutrients, 10(8).
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