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Comprehensive study of phenolic compounds profile and antioxidant activity of eight pistachio cultivars, their residual cakes and virgin oils.  Authors:Ojeda-Amador R.M., Salvador Moya M.D., Fregapane G., Gómez-Alonso S.  (2019)

Defining the sensory profiles of raw almond (Prunus dulcis) varieties and the contribution of key chemical compounds and physical properties.   Authors:King E., Champan D., Luo K., Ferris S., Huang G., Mitchell A.E.  (2019)

The Effect of Walnut Flour on the Physical and Sensory Characteristics of Wheat Bread.   Authors:Almoraie, N. M.  (2019)

Salt content dependent dielectric properties of pistachios relevant to radio-frequency pasteurization.   Authors:Jeong, S. G., Ryu, S., & Kang, D. H.  (2019)

Effect of refining on bioactive composition and oxidative stability of hazelnut oil.   Authors:Durmaz, G., & Gökmen, V.  (2019)

Use of a modified QuEChERS method for the determination of mycotoxin residues in edible nuts by nano flow liquid chromatography high resolution mass spectrometry.  Authors:Alcántara-Durán, J., Moreno-González, D., García-Reyes, J. F., & Molina-Díaz, A.  (2019)

HR‐LC‐ESI‐Orbitrap‐MS based metabolite profiling of Prunus dulcis Mill. (Italian cultivars Toritto and Avola) husks and evaluation of antioxidant activity.  Authors:Bottone, A., Masullo, M., Montoro, P., Pizza, C., & Piacente, S.  (2019)

A review of the sensory and chemical characteristics of almond flavor.   Authors:Franklin, L. M., & Mitchell, A. E.  (2019)

Cranberries versus lingonberries: a challenging authentication of similar Vaccinium fruit.   Authors:Hurkova, K., Uttl, L., Rubert, J., Navratilova, K., Kocourek, V., Stranska-Zachariasova, M., ... & Hajslova, J.  (2019)

A risk assessment of dietary exposure to Ochratoxin A for the Polish population.  Authors:Hajok, I., Kowalska, A., Piekut, A., & Ćwieląg-Drabek, M.  (2019)

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