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A Randomized Controlled Trial to Compare the Effect of Peanuts and Almonds on the Cardio-Metabolic and Inflammatory Parameters in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus.   Authors:Hou, Y. Y., Ojo, O., Wang, L. L., Wang, Q., Jiang, Q., Shao, X. Y., & Wang, X. H.  (2018)

Associations of Nut Intakes with Incident Sporadic Colorectal Adenoma: A Pooled Case-Control Study.  Authors:Yin, X., Bostick, R.M.  (2018)

The Molecular Properties of Peanut Protein: Impact of Temperature, Relative Humidity and Vacuum Packaging during Storage.   Authors:Sun, X., Jin, H., Li, Y., Feng, H., Liu, C., & Xu, J.  (2018)

A Critical Review of Aflatoxin Contamination of Peanuts in Malawi and Zambia: The Past, Present, and Future.   Authors:Njoroge, S. M.  (2018)

1H-NMR-Spectroscopy for Determination of the Geographical Origin of Hazelnuts.  Authors:Bachmann, R., Klockmann, S., Haerdter, J., Fischer, M., & Hackl, T.  (2018)

Reveal Q+ MAX® for Detection of Total Aflatoxin in Corn, Almonds, Pistachios, Walnuts, and Peanuts.  Authors:Le, Q. N., Roman, B., Driksna, D., Gilbert, L., Gonzales, K., Klein, F., & Donofrio, R.  (2018)

Characterization of the Volatile Compounds in Raw and Roasted Georgia Pecans by HS‐SPME‐GC‐MS.   Authors:Gong, Y., Kerrihard, A. L., & Pegg, R. B.  (2018)

Processing and storage of apricots: effect on physicochemical and antioxidant properties.   Authors:Wani, S. M., Masoodi, F. A., Ahmad, M., & Mir, S. A.  (2018)

New Antioxidant Multilayer Packaging with Nanoselenium to Enhance the Shelf-Life of Market Food Products.  Authors:Vera, P., Canellas, E., & Nerín, C.  (2018)

Effect of hulling methods and roasting treatment on phenolic compounds and physicochemical properties of cultivars ‘Ohadi’and ‘Uzun’pistachios (Pistacia vera L.).   Authors:Sonmezdag, A. S., Kelebek, H., & Selli, S.  (2019)

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