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Prevalence, severity, and distribution of adult-onset food allergy.  Authors:Warren, C., Stankey, C., Jiang, J., Blumenstock, J., Smith, B., & Gupta, R.  (2018)

AR101 oral immunotherapy for peanut allergy.   Authors:PALISADE Group of Clinical Investigators.  (2018)

Severity of peanut allergy and the unmet gaps in care: a call to action.  Authors:Lieberman, J. A.  (2018)

Almond Allergy: An Overview on Prevalence, Thresholds, Regulations and Allergen Detection.  Authors:Mandalari, G., & Mackie, A.  (2018)

Correlation of negative skin-prick test results for tree nuts and successful tree nut challenges among children with peanut allergy.  Authors:Randhawa, I., Morphew, T., & Marsteller, N. L.  (2018)

Comparing the eating out experiences of consumers seeking to avoid different food allergens.  Authors:Barnett, J., Begen, F. M., Gowland, M. H., & Lucas, J. S.  (2018)

Dried plum polyphenolic extract combined with vitamin K and potassium restores trabecular and cortical bone in osteopenic model of postmenopausal bone loss.  Authors:Graef, J. L., Ouyang, P., Wang, Y., Rendina-Ruedy, E., Lerner, M. R., Marlow, D., ... & Smith, B. J.  (2018)

Metabolic syndrome, Mediterranean diet, and polyphenols: Evidence and perspectives.   Authors:Finicelli, M., Squillaro, T., Di Cristo, F., Di Salle, A., Melone, M. A. B., Galderisi, U., & Peluso, G.  (2018)

Brazil nut improves the oxidative metabolism of superoxide-hydrogen peroxide chemically-imbalanced human fibroblasts in a nutrigenomic manner.   Authors:Schott, K. L., Assmann, C. E., Teixeira, C. F., Boligon, A. A., Waechter, S. R., Duarte, F. A., ... & da Cruz, I. B. M.  (2018)

Adherence to the Mediterranean Diet Is Related to Healthy Habits, Learning Processes, and Academic Achievement in Adolescents: A Cross-Sectional Study.  Authors:Chacón-Cuberos, R., Zurita-Ortega, F., Martínez-Martínez, A., Olmedo-Moreno, E., & Castro-Sánchez, M.  (2018)

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