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Peanut Allergy: Changes in Dogma and Past, Present, and Future Directions.   Authors:Boudreau-Romano, S., & Qamar, N.  (2018)

Hazelnut and cocoa spread improves flow-mediated dilatation in smokers.  Authors:Loffredo, L., Perri, L., Battaglia, S., Nocella, C., Menichelli, D., Cammisotto, V., Novo, M., Carnevale, R., Violi, F.  (2018)

Improved adherence to Mediterranean Diet in adults with type 1 diabetes mellitus.  Authors:Granado-Casas, M., Alcubierre, N., Martín, M., Real, J., Ramírez-Morros, A. M., Cuadrado, M., ... & Lecube, A.  (2018)

Molecular evaluation of anti-inflammatory activity of phenolic lipid extracted from cashew nut shell liquid (CNSL).  Authors:de Souza, M. Q., Teotônio, I. M. S. N., de Almeida, F. C., Heyn, G. S., Alves, P. S., Romeiro, L. A. S., ... & Pratesi, C. B.  (2018)

Antioxidative Capacity of and Contaminant Concentrations in Processed Plum Products Consumed in Romania.   Authors:Constantin, O.E., Râpeanu. G., Kukurová, K., Turturică, M., Dubová, Z., Tobolková, B., Daško, L., Ciesarová, Z., Croitoru, C.  (2018)

Polyunsaturated fatty acids for the primary and secondary prevention of cardiovascular disease.  Authors:Abdelhamid, A.S., Martin, N., Bridges, C., Brainard, J.S., Wang, X., Brown, T.J., Hanson, S., Jimoh, O.F., Ajabnoor, S.M., Deane, K.H., Song, F., Hooper, L.  (2018)

Effect of SO2 on sugars, indicators of maillard reaction and browning in dried apricots during storage.  Authors:Hamzaoğlu, F., Türkyılmaz, M., & Özkan, M.  (2018)

Biocontrol of Aspergillus flavus on peanut kernels using Streptomyces yanglinensis 3-10.   Authors:Shakeel, Q., Lyu, A., Zhang, J., Wu, M., Li, G., Hsiang, T., & Yang, L.  (2018)

Evaluation of aflatoxins and Aspergillus sp. contamination in raw peanuts and peanut-based products along the supply chain in Malaysia.  Authors:Norlia, M., Nor-Khaizura, M. A. R., Selamat, J., Abu Bakar, F., Radu, S., & Chin, C. K.  (2018)

Isolation and Identification of Endophytic Bacteria with Plant Growth Promoting Activity and Biocontrol Potential from Wild Pistachio Trees.   Authors:Etminani, F., & Harighi, B.  (2018)

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