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Food allergens in skincare products marketed for children.  Authors:Adomaite, I., Vitkuviene, A., Petraitiene, S., & Rudzeviciene, O.  (2020)

Oxidative Stability of Protease Treated Peanut with Reduced Allergenicity.   Authors:Yu, J., Smith, I. N., Idris, N., Gregory, N., & Mikiashvili, N.  (2020)

Food allergen sensitization patterns in a large allergic population in Mexico.   Authors:Segura, L. R., Pérez, E. F., Nowak-Wegrzyn, A., Siepmann, T., & Larenas-Linnemann, D.  (2020)

The influence of cultural attitudes to nut exposure on reported nut allergy: A pilot cross sectional study.  Authors:Ben Kayale, L., Ling, J., Henderson, E., & Carter, N.  (2020)

Prevalence of IgE‐mediated sensitization in patients with suspected food allergic reactions in Jordan.   Authors:Abu‐Dayyeh, I., Abu‐Kwaik, J., Weimann, A., & Abdelnour, A.  (2020)

Late introduction of solids into infants’ diets may increase the risk of food allergy development.   Authors:Hicke-Roberts, A., Wennergren, G., & Hesselmar, B.  (2020)

The Utility of Genomic and Transcriptomic Data in the Construction of Proxy Protein Sequence Databases for Unsequenced Tree Nuts.  Authors:Pirone-Davies, C., McFarland, M. A., Parker, C. H., Adachi, Y., & Croley, T. R.  (2020)

Surface Interactions during the Removal of Emerging Contaminants by Hydrochar-Based Adsorbents.   Authors:Román, S., Valente Nabais, J. M., Ledesma, B., Laginhas, C., & Titirici, M. M.  (2020)

Walnut shell powder as a low-cost adsorbent for methylene blue dye: isotherm, kinetics, thermodynamic, desorption and response surface methodology examinations.   Authors:Uddin, M. K., & Nasar, A.  (2020)

Phosphorus removal from aqueous solution using modified walnut and almond wooden shell and recycling as soil amendment.  Authors:Faraji, B., Zarabi, M., & Kolahchi, Z.  (2020)

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