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Application of isolated halophilic microorganisms suspended and immobilized on walnut shell as biocarrier for treatment of oilfield produced water.  Authors:Hasanzadeh, R., Souraki, B. A., Pendashteh, A., & Khayati, G.  (2020)

Mathematical modeling and experimental study of VOC adsorption by Pistachio shell–based activated carbon.   Authors:Mirzaie, M., Talebizadeh, A. R., & Hashemipour, H.  (2020)

Evaluating the Suitability of Hazelnut Skin as a Feed Ingredient in the Diet of Dairy Cows.  Authors:Renna, M., Lussiana, C., Malfatto, V., Gerbelle, M., Turille, G., Medana, C., ... & Cornale, P.  (2020)

Study of the Influence of the Almond Shell Variety on the Mechanical Properties of Starch-Based Polymer Biocomposites.   Authors:Ibáñez García, A., Martínez García, A., & Ferrándiz Bou, S.  (2020)

Recycling of Almond By-Products for Intestinal Inflammation: Improvement of Physical-Chemical, Technological and Biological Characteristics of a Dried Almond Skins Extract.   Authors:Lauro, M. R., Marzocco, S., Rapa, S. F., Musumeci, T., Giannone, V., Picerno, P., ... & Puglisi, G.  (2020)

Genetic Diversity, Ochratoxin A and Fumonisin Profiles of Strains of Aspergillus Section Nigri Isolated from Dried Vine Fruits.  Authors:Mikušová, P., Caboň, M., Melichárková, A., Urík, M., Ritieni, A., & Slovák, M.  (2020)

Ingenious Electrochemiluminescence Bio-aptasensor based on Synergistic Effects and Enzyme-Drive Programmable 3D DNA Nanoflowers for Ultrasensitive Detection of Aflatoxin B1.   Authors:Yan, C., Yang, L., Yao, L., Xu, J., Yao, B., Liu, G., ... & Chen, W.  (2020)

Impact of Almond Variety on “Amaretti” Cookies as Assessed through Image Features Modeling, Physical Chemical Measures and Sensory Analyses.  Authors:Campus, M., Sanna, M., Scanu, G., Di Salvo, R., De Pau, L., Satta, D., ... & Roggio, T.  (2020)

Gaseous antimicrobial treatments to control foodborne pathogens on almond kernels and whole black peppercorns.   Authors:Rane, B., Bridges, D. F., & Wu, V. C.  (2020)

Investigation of Decontamination Effect of Argon Cold Plasma on Physicochemical and Sensory Properties of Almond Slices.   Authors:Shirani, K., Shahidi, F., & Mortazavi, S. A.  (2020)

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