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Detection of Peanut Adulteration in Food Samples by NMR Spectroscopy.  Authors:Schmitt, C., Bastek, T., Stelzer, A., Schneider, T., Fischer, M., & Hackl, T.  (2020)

A Polydiacetylene‐Based Colorimetric Sensor as an Active Use‐By Date for Plant‐Based Milk Alternatives.  Authors:Weston, M., Kuchel, R. P., & Chandrawati, R.  (2020)

Chemical Markers to Distinguish the Homo-and Heterozygous Bitter Genotype in Sweet Almond Kernels.  Authors:Vichi, S., Mayer, M. N., León-Cárdenas, M. G., Quintanilla-Casas, B., Tres, A., Guardiola, F., ... & Romero, A.  (2020)

Phytoprostanes and phytofurans–oxidative stress and bioactive compounds–in almonds are affected by deficit irrigation in almond trees.   Authors:Lipán, L., Collado, J., Domínguez-Perles, R., Corell, M., Bultel-Poncé, V., Galano, J. M., ... & Carbonell-Barrachina, Á. A.  (2020)

A novel ratiometric near-infrared fluorescent probe for monitoring cyanide in food samples.   Authors:Long, L., Han, Y., Yuan, X., Cao, S., Liu, W., Chen, Q., ... & Han, Z.  (2020)

Comparative and Phylogenetic Analyses of the Complete Chloroplast Genomes of Six Almond Species (Prunus spp. L.).   Authors:Wang, W., Yang, T., Wang, H. L., Li, Z. J., Ni, J. W., Su, S., & Xu, X. Q.  (2022)

Effect of roasting conditions on the formation and kinetics of furan in various nuts.   Authors:Cha, C. Y., & Lee, K. G.  (2020)

Genetic Structure of Wild Germplasm of Macadamia: Species Assignment, Diversity and Phylogeographic Relationships.   Authors:Mai, T., Alam, M., Hardner, C., Henry, R., & Topp, B.  (2020)

Advances in cultivar choice, hazelnut orchard management and nuts storage for enhancing product quality and safety: an overview.   Authors:Silvestri, C., Bacchetta, L., Bellincontro, A., & Cristofori, V.  (2020)

Effects of Cashew Nut (Anacardium occidentale L.) Seed Flour in Moderately Malnourished Children: Randomized Clinical Trial.   Authors:Pereira de Jesus Costa, A. C., Kelly dos Santos Silva, M., Batista de Oliveira, S., Silva, L. L., Silva, A. C., Barroso, R. B., ... & Nascimento Sá Ewerton Martins, M. C.  (2020)

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