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Corinthian raisins (Vitis vinifera L., var. Apyrena) antioxidant and sugar content as affected by the drying process: a 3‐year study.   Authors:Panagopoulou, E. A., Chiou, A., Nikolidaki, E. K., Christea, M., & Karathanos, V. T.  (2019)

Microwave Application for Controlling Oryzaephilus surinamensis Insects Infesting Dried Figs and Evaluation of Product Color Changes Using an Image Processing Technique.   Authors:Sadeghi, R., Seyedabadi, E., & Moghaddam, R. M.  (2019)

Information integration of force sensing and machine vision for in-shell shrivelled walnut detection based on the golden-section search optimal discrimination threshold.  Authors:Zhai Z., Jin Z., Zhang R.  (2019)

Growth of Salmonella on Inoculated Inhull Pistachios during Postharvest Handling.  Authors:Moussavi, M., Lieberman, V., Theofel, C., Barouei, J., & Harris, L. J.  (2019)

Survival and Thermal Resistance of Salmonella Enteritidis PT 30 on Almonds after Long-Term Storage.  Authors:Limcharoenchat, P., James, M. K., & Marks, B. P.  (2019)

Effect of SO2 on sugars, indicators of maillard reaction and browning in dried apricots during storage.   Authors:Hamzaoğlu, F., Türkyılmaz, M., & Özkan, M.  (2018)

Determination of Sulfur in Grape and Apricot Samples Using High-resolution Continuum Source Electrothermal Molecular Absorption Spectrometry.  Authors:Arslan, Y., Broekaert, J. A. C., & Kula, I.  (2018)

The false positive effect of residue of sulphur sources on dithiocarbamate analysis based on CS2 measurement.   Authors:Arslan, S., Mert, I. D., Yiğitkaya, S., Dagaşan, O., Sakallı, F. N., & Oztürk, S.  (2019)

Extending Storage Potential of De‐hulled Fresh Pistachios in Passive‐Modified Atmosphere.   Authors:Sheikhi, A., Mirdehghan, S. H., & Ferguson, L.  (2019)

Determination of serotonin in nuts and nut containing products by liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry.   Authors:Yılmaz, C., Taş, N. G., Kocadağlı, T., & Gökmen, V.  (2019)

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