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Aflatoxin contamination in nuts marketed in Italy: preliminary results.   Authors:Diella, G., Caggiano, G., Ferrieri, F., Ventrella, A., Palma, M., Napoli, C., ... & Montagna, M. T.  (2018)

Quantitative Risk Reduction Through Peanut Immunotherapy: Safety Benefits of an Increased Threshold in Europe.   Authors:Remington, B. C., Krone, T., & Koppelman, S.  (2018)

Development and Evaluation of a Real-Time PCR Multiplex Assay for the Detection of Allergenic Peanut Using Chloroplast DNA Markers.   Authors:Puente-Lelievre, C., & Eischeid, A. C.  (2018)

Dietary Supplementation with Non‐Digestible Oligosaccharides Reduces Allergic Symptoms and Supports Low Dose Oral Immunotherapy in a Peanut Allergy Mouse Model.   Authors:Wagenaar, L., Bol‐Schoenmakers, M., Giustarini, G., Vonk, M. M., van Esch, B. C., Knippels, L. M., ... & Pieters, R. H.  (2018)

Allergy and Asthma: Food Allergies.  Authors:Mehta, R.  (2018)

Jug r 6 is the allergenic vicilin present in walnut responsible for IgE cross-reactivities to other tree nuts and seeds.   Authors:Dubiela, P., Kabasser, S., Smargiasso, N., Geiselhart, S., Bublin, M., Hafner, C., ... & Hoffmann-Sommergruber, K.  (2018)

Simultaneous detection of eight species of tree nut in foods using two tetraplex polymerase chain reaction assays.   Authors:Ito, M., Mizota, T., Kitaguchi, T., Ohno, K., Ohba, T., & Tanaka, M.  (2018)

Dietary carbohydrate intake and mortality: a prospective cohort study and meta-analysis.   Authors:Seidelmann, S. B., Claggett, B., Cheng, S., Henglin, M., Shah, A., Steffen, L. M., ... & Solomon, S. D.  (2018)

Walnut Supplementation in the Diet Reduces Oxidative Damage and Improves Antioxidant Status in Transgenic Mouse Model of Alzheimer’s Disease.   Authors:Pandareesh, M. D., Chauhan, V., & Chauhan, A.  (2018)

The impact of nuts consumption on glucose/insulin homeostasis and inflammation markers mediated by adiposity factors among American adults.   Authors:Mazidi, M., Vatanparast, H., Katsiki, N., & Banach, M.  (2018)

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