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Design and development of technology for walnut cracking.  Authors:Hussain, S. Z., Ammatullah, B., Kanojia, V., Reshi, M., Naseer, B., & Naik, H. R.  (2018)

Mineral Composition of Elements in Walnuts and Walnut Oils.   Authors:Juranović Cindrić, I., Zeiner, M., & Hlebec, D.  (2018)

Variety Identification of Raisins Using Near-Infrared Hyperspectral Imaging.  Authors:Feng, L., Zhu, S., Zhang, C., Bao, Y., Gao, P., & He, Y.  (2018)

Industrial prune processing and its effect on pesticide residue concentrations.  Authors:Alister, C., Araya, M., Becerra, K., Volosky, C., Saavedra, J., & Kogan, M.  (2018)

Different thermal processing effects on peanut allergenicity.  Authors:Zhang, Tong, et al.  (2018)

Process Optimization for Improved Phenolic Compounds Recovery from Walnut (Juglans regia L.) Septum: Phytochemical Profile and Biological Activities.  Authors:Rusu, M., Gheldiu, A. M., Mocan, A., Moldovan, C., Popa, D. S., Tomuta, I., & Vlase, L.  (2018)

Heat and Pressure Treatments on Almond Protein Stability and Change in Immunoreactivity after Simulated Human Digestion.   Authors:De Angelis, E., Bavaro, S., Forte, G., Pilolli, R., & Monaci, L.  (2018)

Multistage treatment of almonds waste biomass: Characterization and assessment of the potential applications of raw material and products.  Authors:de Hoyos-Martínez, P. L., Erdocia, X., Charrier-El Bouhtoury, F., Prado, R., & Labidi, J.  (2018)

Aptamer as capture agent in enzyme-linked apta-sorbent assay (ELASA) for ultrasensitive detection of Aflatoxin B1.  Authors:Mukherjee, M., Manonmani, H. K., & Bhatt, P.  (2018)

Recent advances in understanding and preventing peanut and tree nut hypersensitivity.   Authors:Kusari, A., Han, A., & Eichenfield, L.  (2018)

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