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Validation of a nut muffin baking process and thermal resistance characterization of a 7-serovar Salmonella inoculum in batter when introduced via flour or walnuts.  Authors:Channaiah, L. H., Michael, M., Acuff, J. C., Lopez, K., Phebus, R. K., Thippareddi, H., & Milliken, G.  (2019)

Validation of Enterococcus faecium as a surrogate for Salmonella under different processing conditions for peanuts and pecans  Authors:Brar, P. K., & Danyluk, M. D.  (2019)

The Influence of Gamma Radiation Processing on the Allergenicity of Main Pistachio Allergens.   Authors:Naei, V. Y., Sankian, M., Moghadam, M., Farshidi, N., Ayati, S. H., Hamid, F., & Varasteh, A. R.  (2019)

Preventing peanut allergy: where are we now?  Authors:Fisher, H. R., Keet, C. A., Lack, G., & du Toit, G.  (2019)

Sensitivity, specificity, and predictive value of oral mucosal brush biopsy for the diagnosis of peanut allergy.  Authors:He, Y. T., & Reisacher, W. R.  (2019)

Effect of roasting conditions on color and volatile profile including HMF level in sweet almonds (Prunus dulcis).   Authors:Agila, A., & Barringer, S.  (2012)

Optimization of a headspace SPME GC–MS methodology for the analysis of processed almond beverages.   Authors:Pérez-González, M., Gallardo-Chacón, J. J., Valencia-Flores, D., & Ferragut, V.  (2015)

Changes in the key odorants of Italian hazelnuts (Coryllus avellana L. Var. Tonda Romana) induced by roasting.   Authors:Burdack-Freitag, A., & Schieberle, P.  (2010)

Comparison of natural and roasted Turkish tombul hazelnut (Corylus avellana L.) volatiles and flavor by DHA/GC/MS and descriptive sensory analysis.  Authors:Alasalvar, C., Shahidi, F., & Cadwallader, K. R.  (2003)

Health benefits of nut consumption.  Authors:Ros, E.  (2010)

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