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Heavy Metal Levels and Mineral Nutrient Status of Natural Walnut (Juglans regia L.) Populations in Kyrgyzstan: Nutritional Values of Kernels.   Authors:Ozyigit, I.I., Uras, M.E., Yalcin, I.E., Severoglu, Z., Demi, G., Borkoev, B., Salieva, K., Yucel, S., Erturk, U., Solak, A.O.  (2018)

Multi-class polar lipid profiling in fresh and roasted hazelnut (Corylus avellana cultivar “Tonda di Giffoni”) by LC-ESI/LTQOrbitrap/MS/MSn.  Authors:Napolitano, A., Cerulli, A., Pizza, C., & Piacente, S.  (2018)

Hazelnut as functional food component and fat replacer in fermented sausage.  Authors:Saygi, D., Ercoşkun, H., & Şahin, E.  (2018)

Influence of maturation stages in different varieties of wine grapes (Vitis vinifera) on the production of Ochratoxin A and its modified forms by Aspergillus carbonarius and Aspergillus niger.   Authors:Freire, L., Guerreiro, T., Caramês, E., Lopes, L., Orlando, E., Pereira, G., ... & SantAna, A. D. S.  (2018)

Antioxidative Capacity of and Contaminant Concentrations in Processed Plum Products Consumed in Romania.  Authors:Constantin, O. E., Rapeanu, G., Kukurová, K., Turturica, M., Dubová, Z., Tobolková, B., ... & Croitoru, C.  (2018)

Industrial prune processing and its effect on pesticide residue concentrations.   Authors:Alister, C., Araya, M., Becerra, K., Volosky, C., Saavedra, J., & Kogan, M.  (2018)

Detection, Purity Analysis, and Quality Assurance of Adulterated Peanut (Arachis Hypogaea) Oils.   Authors:Smithson, S. C., Fakayode, B. D., Henderson, S., Nguyen, J., & Fakayode, S. O.  (2018)

Sensory and Chemical Stabilities of High‐Oleic and Normal‐Oleic Peanuts in Shell During Long‐Term Storage.   Authors:Martín, M. P., Grosso, A. L., Nepote, V., & Grosso, N. R.  (2018)

Microbiological Quality and Risk Assessment for Aflatoxins in Groundnuts and Roasted Cashew Nuts Meant for Human Consumption.   Authors:Adetunji, M. C., Alika, O. P., Awa, N. P., Atanda, O. O., & Mwanza, M.  (2018)

Comparison of cold-pressing and soxhlet extraction systems for bioactive compounds, antioxidant properties, polyphenols, fatty acids and tocopherols in eight nut oils.   Authors:Al Juhaimi, F., Özcan, M. M., Ghafoor, K., Babiker, E. E., & Hussain, S.  (2018)

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