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Removal of ochratoxin A from liquid media using novel low-cost biosorbents.   Authors:Loffredo, E., Scarcia, Y., & Parlavecchia, M.  (2020)

Polyphenol Stability and Physical Characteristics of Sweetened Dried Cranberries.  Authors:Kovacev, K., Hughes, B., & Smith, J. S.  (2020)

Impact of roasting conditions on the quality and acceptance of the peanut paste.   Authors:Floriano, R., Grabin, K., Rossi, R. C., Ferreira, C. D., & Ziegler, V.  (2020)

HS-SPME GC–MS characterization of volatiles in processed walnuts and their oxidative stability.   Authors:Hao, J., Xu, X. L., Jin, F., Regenstein, J. M., & Wang, F. J.  (2020)

Identification of novel genes mediating survival of Salmonella on low-moisture foods via transposon sequencing analysis.   Authors:Jayeola, V., McClelland, M., Porwollik, S., Chu, W., Farber, J., & Kathariou, S.  (2020)

Survival and Virulence of Listeria Monocytogenes During Storage on Chocolate Liquor, Corn Flakes, and Dry-Roasted, Shelled Pistachios at 4ºC and 23ºC.   Authors:Vivian, L., Valeria, P., Alma, F. S. M., & Jeffrey, F.  (2020)

Effects of different roasting methods on formation of acrylamide in pistachio.  Authors:Asadi, S., Aalami, M., Shoeibi, S., Kashaninejad, M., Ghorbani, M., & Delavar, M.  (2020)

Identification of Polymethylene-Interrupted Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids (PMI–PUFA) by Solvent-Mediated Covalent Adduct Chemical Ionization Triple Quadrupole Tandem Mass Spectrometry.   Authors:Wang, D. H., Wang, Z., Cortright, J. R., Le, K. P., Liu, L., Kothapalli, K. S. D., & Brenna, J. T.  (2020)

The influence of industrial refining stages on the physico-chemical properties, fatty acid composition and sterol contents in hazelnut oil.   Authors:Duman, E., & Özcan, M. M.  (2020)

Estimation of oxidative indices in the raw and roasted hazelnuts by accelerated shelf-life testing.   Authors:Shafiei, G., Ghorbani, M., Hosseini, H., Mahoonak, A. S., Maghsoudlou, Y., & Jafari, S. M.  (2020)

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