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Estimation of Health and Economic Benefits of Commercial Peanut Immunotherapy Products: A Cost-effectiveness Analysis.   Authors:Shaker, M., & Greenhawt, M.  (2019)

Proanthocyanidin Interferes with Intrinsic Antibiotic Resistance Mechanisms of Gram‐Negative Bacteria.   Authors:Maisuria, V., Okshevsky, M., Déziel, E., Tufenkji, N.  (2019)

Identification of Plasma Lipid Metabolites Associated with Nut Consumption in US Men and Women.   Authors:Malik, V. S., Guasch-Ferre, M., Hu, F. B., Townsend, M. K., Zeleznik, O. A., Eliassen, A. H., ... & Wilson, K. M.  (2019)

Mechanisms Underlying the Cardiometabolic Protective Effect of Walnut Consumption in Obese Subjects: A Cross‐Over, Randomized, Double‐Blinded, Controlled Inpatient Physiology Study.   Authors:Tuccinardi, D., Farr, O. M., Upadhyay, J., Oussaada, S. M., Klapa, M. I., Candela, M., ... & Brigidi, P.  (2019)

Pistachio consumption modulates DNA oxidation and genes related to telomere maintenance: a crossover randomized clinical trial.   Authors:Canudas, S., Hernández-Alonso, P., Galié, S., Muralidharan, J., Morell-Azanza, L., Zalba, G., ... & Bulló, M.  (2019)

Hazelnut consumption improves testicular antioxidant function and semen quality in young and old male rats.  Authors:Kara, H., Orem, A., Yulug, E., Yucesan, F. B., Kerimoglu, G., Yaman, S. O., ... & Alasalvar, C.  (2019)

Maternal nut intake in pregnancy and child neuropsychological development up to 8 years old: a population-based cohort study in Spain.  Authors:Gignac, F., Romaguera, D., Fernández-Barrés, S. et al.  (2019)

Processing and storage of apricots: effect on physicochemical and antioxidant properties  Authors:Wani, S. M., Masoodi, F. A., Ahmad, M., & Mir, S. A.  (2019)

Effects of a rotational UV‐C irradiation system and packaging on the shelf life of fresh pistachio.   Authors:Hosseini, F. S., Akhavan, H. R., Maghsoudi, H., Hajimohammadi‐Farimani, R., & Balvardi, M.  (2019)

Replacing Saturated Fat With Walnuts or Vegetable Oils Improves Central Blood Pressure and Serum Lipids in Adults at Risk for Cardiovascular Disease: A Randomized Controlled‐Feeding Trial.   Authors:Tindall, A. M., Petersen, K. S., Skulas‐Ray, A. C., Richter, C. K., Proctor, D. N., & Kris‐Etherton, P. M.  (2019)

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