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Relationships of Water Activity and Moisture Content to the Thermal Inactivation Kinetics of Salmonella in Low-Moisture Foods.   Authors:Garces-Vega, F. J., Ryser, E. T., & Marks, B. P.  (2019)

Dried-Fruit Storage: An Analysis of Package Headspace Atmosphere Changes.   Authors:Miranda, G., Berna, A., & Mulet, A.  (2019)

Selected nutrients and anti‐nutrients in peanut cultivars harvested in Brazil.  Authors:Lozano, M. G., de Oliveira Sartori, A. G., Bastos, D. H. M., & Regitano‐d’Arce, M. A. B.  (2019)

Comparison of recovery and immunochemical detection of peanut proteins from differentially roasted peanut flour using ELISA.   Authors:Jayasena, S., Koppelman, S. J., Nayak, B., Taylor, S. L., & Baumert, J.  (2019)

Timing of Food Introduction and the Risk of Food Allergy.  Authors:Ferraro, V., Zanconato, S., & Carraro, S.  (2019)

Clinical Factors Associated with Peanut Allergy in a High Risk Infant Cohort.   Authors:Sicherer, S. H., Wood, R. A., Perry, T. T., Jones, S. M., Leung, D. Y., Henning, A. K., ... & Sampson, H. A.  (2019)

Current management and use of oral immunotherapy in the United States for patients with peanut allergy.   Authors:Blaiss, M. S., Tilles, S., Petroni, D., Zigmont, E., Cassese, M., Kwak, B., ... & Liebermann, J.  (2019)

Food allergy endotype with high risk of severe anaphylaxis in children-Monosensitization to cashew 2S albumin Ana o 3.  Authors:Blazowski L., Majak P., Kurzawa R., Kuna P., Jerzynska J.  (2019)

Real-time PCR Detection Methods for Food Allergens (Wheat, Buckwheat, and Peanuts) Using Reference Plasmids.   Authors:Miyazaki, A., Watanabe, S., Ogata, K., Nagatomi, Y., Kokutani, R., Minegishi, Y., ... & Hirao, T.  (2019)

Oral immunotherapy for peanut allergy (PACE): a systematic review and meta-analysis of efficacy and safety.  Authors:Chu, D. K., Wood, R. A., French, S., Fiocchi, A., Jordana, M., Waserman, S., ... & Schünemann, H. J.  (2019)

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