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The effect of pistachio by‐product extracts treatment in protecting soybean meal and canola meal protein from rumen microbial degradation.   Authors:Shakeri, P., Reiasi, A., & Tahmasbi, R.  (2020)

Improvement of oxidative stability and textural properties of fermented sausage via addition of pistachio hull extract.   Authors:Lashgari, S. S., Noorolahi, Z., Sahari, M. A., & Ahmadi Gavlighi, H.  (2020)

Antioxidant Properties of Agri-food Byproducts| and Specific Boosting Effects of Hydrolytic Treatments.   Authors:Moccia, F., Agustin-Salazar, S., Verotta, L., Caneva, E., Giovando, S., D’Errico, G., ... & Napolitano, A.  (2020)

The Equilibrium, Kinetics, and Thermodynamics Studies of the Sorption of Methylene Blue from Aqueous Solution Using Pulverized Raw Macadamia Nut Shells.  Authors:Edokpayi, J. N., Alayande, S. O., Adetoro, A., & Odiyo, J. O.  (2020)

Almond byproduct composition impacts the rearing of black soldier fly larvae and quality of the spent substrate as a soil amendment.  Authors:Palma, L., Fernandez‐Bayo, J., Putri, F., & VanderGheynst, J. S.  (2020)

Removal of hydrogen sulfide from biogas using activated carbon synthesized from different locally available biomass wastes-a case study from Palestine.  Authors:Sawalha, H., Maghalseh, M., Qutaina, J., Junaidi, K., & Rene, E. R.  (2020)

Turrón Coproducts as Source of Bioactive Compounds: Assessment of Chemical, Physico-Chemical, Techno-Functional and Antioxidant Properties.   Authors:Lorente-Mento, J. M., Lucas-González, R., Sayas-Barbera, E., Pérez-Álvarez, J. Á., Fernández-López, J., & Viuda-Martos, M.  (2020)

Almond Skin Extracts and Chlorogenic Acid Delay Chronological Aging and Enhanced Oxidative Stress Response in Yeast.  Authors:Tungmunnithum, D., Abid, M., Elamrani, A., Drouet, S., Addi, M., & Hano, C.  (2020)

Solid state 13C-NMR methodology for the cellulose composition studies of the shells of Prunus dulcis and their derived cellulosic materials.  Authors:Modica, A., Rosselli, S., Catinella, G., Sottile, F., Catania, C. A., Cavallaro, G., ... & Bruno, M.  (2020)

Bioreactors for brine denitrification produced during polluted groundwater desalination in fertigation areas of SE Spain: batch assays for substrate selection.  Authors:Díaz-García, C., Martínez-Sánchez, J. J., & Álvarez-Rogel, J.  (2020)

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