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Effect of micro-encapsulated antioxidant formulations on mycobiota, residual levels, sensory analyses and insect pest attack in stored peanuts.  Authors:Garcia, D., Girardi, N. S., Passone, M. A., Nesci, A., & Etcheverry, M.  (2018)

Acceptability of Peanut Skins as a Natural Antioxidant in Flavored Coated Peanuts.   Authors:Christman, L. M., Dean, L. L., Bueno Almeida, C., & Weissburg, J. R.  (2018)

Release of Major Peanut Allergens from Their Matrix under Various pH and Simulated Saliva Conditions—Ara h2 and Ara h6 Are Readily Bio-Accessible.   Authors:Koppelman, S., Smits, M., Tomassen, M., de Jong, G., Baumert, J., Taylor, S., ... & Wichers, H.  (2018)

Feasibility of desensitizing children highly allergic to peanut by high‐dose oral immunotherapy.  Authors:Reier‐Nilsen, T., Michelsen, M. M., Lødrup Carlsen, K. C., Carlsen, K. H., Mowinckel, P., Nygaard, U. C., ... & Håland, G.  (2018)

Tree nut allergens.   Authors:Geiselhart, S., Hoffmann-Sommergruber, K., & Bublin, M.  (2018)

Evidence of Cross-Reactivity between Different Seed Storage Proteins from Hazelnut (Corylus avellana) and Walnut (Juglans regia) Using Recombinant Allergen Proteins.   Authors:Villalta, D., Scala, E., Mistrello, G., Amato, S., & Asero, R.  (2018)

Patterns of tree nut sensitisation and allergy in the first 6 years of life in a population-based cohort.   Authors:McWilliam, V., Peters, R., Tang, M. L., Dharmage, S., Ponsonby, A. L., Gurrin, L., ... & Allen, K. J.  (2018)

Results of a randomized controlled trial evaluating the effect of increasing package size on usage volume of peanut butter in older adults.   Authors:Eykelenboom, M., Velema, E., Eberson, B. P., Scholten, G. C., Lushpa, V. K., & Steenhuis, I. H.  (2018)

Storage stability of organophosphorus pesticide residues in peanut and soya bean extracted solutions.  Authors:Guo, G., Jiang, N., Liu, F., & Bian, Y.  (2018)

New tools to screen wild peanut species for aflatoxin accumulation and genetic fingerprinting.   Authors:Arias, R. S., Sobolev, V. S., Massa, A. N., Orner, V. A., Walk, T. E., Ballard, L. L., ... & Seijo, G. J.  (2018)

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