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Thermal processing effects on the IgE-reactivity of cashew and pistachio.

Authors: Sanchiz, A., Cuadrado, C., Dieguez, M. C., Ballesteros, I., Rodríguez, J., Crespo, J. F., ... & Novak, N. Journal: Food Chem Year: 2018 Pages: 595-602 Volume: 245
Fruits: Cashews · Pistachios
Subject: Allergy

Thermal processing can modify the structure and function of food proteins and may alter their allergenicity. This work aimed to elucidate the influence of moist thermal treatments on the IgE-reactivity of cashew and pistachio. IgE-western blot and IgE-ELISA were complemented by Skin Prick Testing (SPT) and mediator release assay to determine the IgE cross-linking capability of treated and untreated samples. Moist thermal processing diminished the IgE-binding properties of both nuts, especially after heat/pressure treatment. The wheal size in SPT was importantly reduced after application of thermally-treated samples. For cashew, heat/pressure treated-samples still retain some capacity to cross-link IgE and degranulate basophils, however, this capacity was diminished when compared with untreated cashew. For pistachio, the degranulation of basophils after challenge with the harshest heat/pressure treatment was highly decreased. Boiling produced more variable results, however this treatment applied to both nuts for 60 min, led to an important decrease of basophil degranulation.

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