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Health research and dissemination

Over the last seven years, the INC has provided 3.5+ million euros of funding for research and dissemination projects about the health effects of nut and dried fruit consumption.
 The International Nut and Dried Fruit Council (INC) launches three grants annually: the Call for Research Projects, the Call for Promotion and Dissemination Projects and the Call for Open Access Studies. All Calls are open for public and private institutions, as well as not-for-profit organizations. The Guidelines, application forms and due dates are posted online, on this site.

In addition to these projects, the INC also carries out a Global Dissemination Plan which promotes the healthy consumption of nuts and dried fruits. This year’s campaign “Nutfruit Power” will focus on promoting the consumption of nuts and dried fruits in the morning through healthy breakfast recipes.



The objective of the Call for Research Projects is to fund clinical, epidemiological, basic and/or strategic research that may contribute to enhance the understanding of the health effects of nuts and dried fruits.

INC will only accept research projects with at least 3 nuts OR 3 dried fruits.

2020 Research Priorities:
  1. Fertility
  2. Diabetes prevention
  3. Diabetes and hyperlipidemia treatments
  4. Microbiota
  5. Cardioprotective mechanisms and/or inflammatory diseases
  6. Calorie control and satiety
  7. Cancer
  8. Human health and environmental sustainability

Up to 300,000 EUR is available for this grant. Project proposals must be submitted using the Letter of Intent Form. Deadline: September 30, 2019. 


The objective of the Call for Open Access Studies is to facilitate the transfer of knowledge and to promote the dissemination of the health benefits of nut and dried fruit consumption as widely as possible, through the payment of the Open Access charges of those articles already accepted for publication in a scientific journal or those articles that have been already published.

Up to 18,000 EUR is available for 2020. This Call will be open the whole year, until the total budget has been expended.

All project proposals must be submitted using the Application Form

Download the Guidelines.

Please send your application as one single PDF e-mail attachment to We need an electronic copy only. Please do not send paper copies.


The objective of the Call for Promotion and Dissemination Projects is to fund projects aimed at increasing the use and consumption of nuts and dried fruits, whenever such projects are beyond the scope of the INC, i.e. projects that the INC cannot fit within its regular activity, for instance due to language or geographic challenges.

Eligible Projects:
  • Activities that provide markets and consumers with information on the properties and qualities of nuts and dried fruits (e.g. marketing campaigns at points-of-sale, education campaigns at schools).
  • Market research and activities aimed at ensuring that buyers, consumers and health professionals know about nuts and dried fruits and their many positive features (e.g. participation in specialized events).
  • Promoting nuts and dried fruits use and consumption in markets where INC headquarters face barriers of entry, for instance due to language or geographic challenges.
  • Projects to be undertaken in developing countries.
  • Multi-collaborative projects and cooperation with industry-related partners.
  • Project proposals aimed at disseminating the outcomes of the scientific findings that come from INC-funded research (annual Call for Research Projects) or new scientific findings that have been published in high-impact scientific journals.
  • Supporting the development of innovative new products and marketing initiatives.

100,000 EUR is available for the 2020 Grant. INC will only accept one project per institution, and will fund a maximum of 50,000 EUR per project/institution.

Deadline: December 31, 2019. 

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