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18 June - 19 June 2020
Reus, Tarragona, Spain

Nuts 2020

Nuts 2020

In summary, due to accumulating evidence on nut consumption and health outcomes, it seems fit recapitulate and examine in detail, what is well known and established and what avenues of knowledge are still lacking in nut research. Summarizing all the evidence coming from research on nuts is also an extraordinary opportunity to display to the different health agencies the beneficial roles ascribed to nuts. NUTS 2020 is a unique opportunity to merge researchers from all over the globe and set a precedent in nut research.


  • To summarize all the evidence related to the beneficial effects of nuts on health.
  • To define new topics, needs and opportunities in nut research.
  • To share knowledge with food industry and set new primary objectives.
  • To develop scientific proceedings that summarize current knowledge of the nut-health axis.
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