Hazelnut Trio

Created by José Avillez

Hazelnut Trio

Hazelnut Trio Prep. Time: 20 minutes

Hazelnut Trio Chef: José Avillez

Hazelnut Trio Category: Snacks & Desserts


Ingredients (4 serves):
  • 200 g quality hazelnut ice cream
  • 50 g peeled hazelnuts
  • Salt flower

Hazelnut foam:
  • 300 g hazelnut praline
  • 50 g semi-skimmed milk
  • 250 g cream


To prepare the hazelnut foam, place all the ingredients in a recipient and mix with a hand blender until creamy.

Place in a siphon, add two cartridges and keep in the fridge. You should remove the siphon from the fridge about 30 minutes before serving.

Toast the hazelnuts in a 140 ºC oven until golden. Cool and reserve. Place a ball of hazelnut ice cream at the bottom of each glass. Put a little hazelnut foam on top of this. Top with freshly grated hazelnut and salt flower.

Serve immediately.
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