Frozen Calçotada (Appetizer Cup)

Created by Raül Balam

Frozen Calçotada (Appetizer Cup)

Frozen Calçotada (Appetizer Cup) Prep. Time:

Frozen Calçotada (Appetizer Cup) Chef: Raül Balam

Frozen Calçotada (Appetizer Cup) Category: Appetizers & Salads


(for 60 cups) Fort he ice cream: 250 g of tender onions 750 g of old onions 250 ml of mineral water 30 g of sugar For the sauce “calçotada”: 500 g of winter tomatoes 1 garlic 10 g of vinegar 50 g of extra virgin olive oil 25 g of toasted hazelnuts 25 g of toasted almonds Salt and pepper For the crocanti of ashes: 1 layer of filo pastry Black powder of baked onion peels Extra virgin olive oil Salt and pepper    


Ice cream: 1) Bake the old onions, clean and with skin, at 190º C until they become very soft and dark (50 minutes approx). Separate the dark peels from the meat. 2) Boil in water and salt the onions, without the first layer of skin. Boil 15 minutes and drain well. 3) Smash 300 g of roasted onion meat with 180 g of roasted tender onion meat, water and sugar, and drain. If you have a PacoJet, put the purée in an appropriate container, freeze and just before serving you can grind it. If you do not have a PacoJet or similar, prepare the purée 4 hours in advance, put it in a deep container in the freezer, take it out and grind it every 30 minutes. This way you can get a frozen, creamy texture. “Calçotada“ sauce: 1) Bake at 190º for 25 minutes the tomatoes and the garlic slightly covered with olive oil. 2) Crush the toasted almonds and hazelnuts. Peel the tomatoes and the garlic and grind the meat with the other ingredients, add salt and pepper and store it in the fridge. Crocanti of ashes: 1) Take the onion skins that you saved and cut it into very small pieces. Put them in the oven at 190º for 15 minutes, so you can get dried, breakable skins, then use a strainer and store in a sealed container. 2) Cut the layer of filo pastry in small strips (1 x 4 cm), paint them with olive oil, salt and pepper, and bake between two silpats at 190º for 10 minutes, until they become dry and crispy. Store in a sealed container seasoned with the powder of baked onion peels. Presentation: 1) Put a generous spoon of sauce “calçotada” in the cup. 2) Add a quenelle of “calçot” ice cream. 3) Add the filo of ashes and a bit of “fleur de sel” on top.
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