Fine 'Turrón' of Tree Nuts

Created by Raül Balam

Fine 'Turrón' of Tree Nuts

Fine 'Turrón' of Tree Nuts Prep. Time:

Fine 'Turrón' of Tree Nuts Chef: Raül Balam

Fine 'Turrón' of Tree Nuts Category: Snacks & Desserts


50 g of pistachios 50 g of pine nuts 50 g of hazelnuts 1 egg white 50 g of sugar A bit of salt


1) Cut all the tree nuts at the same size and toast at 160º C for 5 minutes approx. 2) Whip the egg white with the sugar and a bit of salt, then add the tree nuts. 3) Strecth the mixture between two silpats. 4) Bake at 100º until dried. 5) Cut in wedges while hot from the oven and let them rest on curlers so they get the shape. Store in a sealed container. Presentation: Present the pieces of turron in a nice tray.
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