Almond Tile with Caviar

Created by Bittor Arginzoniz

Almond Tile with Caviar

Almond Tile with Caviar Prep. Time: 9 hours

Almond Tile with Caviar Chef: Bittor Arginzoniz

Almond Tile with Caviar Category: Appetizers & Salads


  • 300 g of raw peeled almonds
  • 300 ml of mineral water
  • 20 g of caviar


1) Crush the almonds, blend them with water and strain. 2) Heat the water over a low heat for 30 minutes and keep stirring until it takes on a thick consistency. 3) Extend this almond dough between 2 pieces of oven paper. 4) Form the dough into the shape of a tile and allow to dry for 8 hours at 40 degrees Celsius. 5) Presentation: Carefully place the tempered caviar on the tile and serve.
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