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The Real Power for Real People Campaign Has Launched

28 October, 2020 Lifestyle
When we feel good from the inside out, there is nothing that can bring us down. We are immune to everything! Eating nuts and dried fruits can give us the...

Back to “School” Healthy Meal Ideas

8 September, 2020 Lifestyle
For many, September means the end of the holidays and the return to “reality”. It’s back to work for the adults and back to school for the children. And, with...

Nutfruit News Round-Up: The importance of a healthy diet when working from home

24 August, 2020 Lifestyle
Eating well is always important, and now more than ever in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. A nutritious diet can not only help support your immune system, but may...

How to Store Nuts and Dried Fruits

12 August, 2020 Lifestyle
Nuts and dried fruits are a great food to have at hand. They are incredibly good for us and are a great source of protein for those following a plant-based,...

INC Talks with Emmy Award-winning Chef, Lidia Bastianich

27 July, 2020 Gourmet
Emmy award-winning public television host, cookbook author, and restaurateur, Lidia Bastianich is the owner/co-owner of three acclaimed New York City restaurants - Felidia, Becco and Del Posto, along with Lidia’s Kansas...

Summer Shadow and the Walnut Tree by Chef, Ximena Sáenz

16 July, 2020 Lifestyle
Chef and designer, Ximena Sáenz studied at the Instituto Argentino de Gastronomía en Buenos Aires. After working in publicity for a few years her passion for cooking and food took...

How to Make the Perfect Buddha Bowl

8 July, 2020 Lifestyle
As plant-based eating enters the mainstream there is one type of dish that is becoming seemingly popular, the Buddha Bowl. Full of mainly plant-based nutritious goodness, the Buddha Bowl is...

Nutfruit News Round-Up - How to Strengthen Your Immune System

2 July, 2020 Lifestyle
Welcome to the first edition of the Monthly Nutfruit News Round-up. Each month we will bring you a selection of some of the top articles about the health benefits nuts...

5 Reasons to Eat Nuts by Nutritionist and Dietitian, Carlos Rios

18 June, 2020 Lifestyle
Nuts are a food group that includes almonds, Brazil nuts, cashews, hazelnuts, macadamias, pecans, pine nuts, pistachios, peanuts and walnuts. Due to their particular high content in fats and low...

Common Myths About Nuts and Dried Fruits

9 June, 2020 Lifestyle
Nuts and dried fruits have been in our diets for a long time and, in recent years their health benefits and the importance of adding them into our daily lives...

Why Snacking on Nuts and Dried Fruits May Benefit Your Health

21 May, 2020 Lifestyle
With more time been spent at home in recent months the tendency to snack has been said to be on the rise[1]. In the past, the concept of snacking has...

A Plant-Based Diet and the Role of Nuts and Dried Fruits

13 May, 2020 Lifestyle
Plant-based diets have been on the rise for a number of years now. Not only are we becoming more self-aware about what we are putting into our bodies but there...
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