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10 July, 2018 Lifestyle

Want to Improve Your Intestinal Health? Eat Nuts and Dried Fruits!

Want to Improve Your Intestinal Health? Eat Nuts and Dried Fruits!

A new recently study published in The Journal of Nutrition comes to the conclusion that eating walnuts is an adequate way of keeping “bad” cholesterol on track but also of improving the so-called gastrointestinal microbiota, which is simply the medical term for intestinal tract.

Results showed that walnut intake may have an effect on the intestinal tract by increasing beneficial bacteria while reducing bile acids and “bad” cholesterol. Is there a more delicious way to get healthy? We don´t think so!

Human gastrointestinal tract might not be an easy-to-remember term but it should not be undermined. It has one of the body’s most densely populated microbial communities. A wide variety of microorganisms, mainly bacteria, reside there. Microbial communities are indeed important because they contribute much to our health.

Almonds Beneficial to Gut Health
Walnuts are not the only nut that proved to have potential good effects. Tasty almonds, for instance, may also be beneficial to gut health as well.

The reason is that they are high in unsaturated fatty acids, in other words, “good” fats. The good news is that these have antimicrobial properties and provoke changes on the intestinal tract.

Digestive Health
But that’s not all. If prunes are your thing, you might also want to read this. Exquisite for many, prunes contain nutrients and fiber that may help to improve bifidobacteria, which actually are useful to maintain digestive health. With all this in mind, let’s add nuts and dried fruits to our diet to help us stay in good shape!
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