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29 September, 2021 Lifestyle

Real Power for Real People Is Back

Real Power for Real People Is Back

Join the INC's global campaign now and help spread the goodness of nuts and dried fruits!

Given the success of the Real Power for Real People campaign in 2020/2021, the INC is pleased to inform this year's campaign will be a continuation of Real Power for Real People.
Launching last October, the first installment saw the message between nuts and dried fruits and attitudinal immunity being shared with millions of people across the globe. The main video gained over 1.79 million views on YouTube and 30 influencers from 17 different countries got on board to help us share the message with influencer posts about the campaign gaining over 1.4 million interactions from their followers.
Thanks to this success, this year, we’re expanding on the message to reach new audiences and taking the campaign to the next level. To do so, 6 new video capsules have been created targeting new audiences like, gamers, athletes, foodies (healthy lifestyle), artists, influencers and entrepreneurs, and are now being distributed across the INC’s social media channels. To date, the videos have grabbed the attention of these new audiences gaining a combined total of 1.57 million views. Other contents have also been created to help inspire individuals to start consuming more nuts and dried fruits, such as a special Instagram filter that shows users their “Nutfruit Superpower” and various GIF materials, perfect for sharing on social media.
To help us spread the message further, you can get involved and share the contents through your social media channels by following these simple steps:

  1. Go to YouTube and share the six video capsules: or share them on Instagram by reposting the following posts and then keep a look out for the next installments as we will be releasing one video per month: Instagram post 1 gamersInstagram post 2 artists.
  2. Visit the INC's Instagram channel @nutfruitpower on a mobile device and follow these instructions to share and use the Instagram filter for Nutfruit Superpowers: Real Power Filter
  3. Start to create an Instagram story and then follow these instructions to use the many different Gifs for this campaign: Real Power Gifs

As you can see, it is super easy to join the campaign and help spread the message of Real Power for Real People! So don't wait any longer, get started now and help the INC reach millions of people around the globe.
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